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    Remove hosting account

    I created this account for a school project however i have opted to host my own server. I no longer need the hosting provided. The account can be removed Thanks
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    Sub-Domain Issue

    changed my domain day before yesterday from to now neither of them work, is it related to dns propagation or is there something wrong with the account? Im on the sustained server. username: tarin
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    Logged on to cpanel tonight, made some changes here and there, i visit my site and the changes havent occured. did some investigating into why this would happen, this is what i learned. the cpanel i connected to was the sustained server(, one with the missing images on cpanel...
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    Game of the year 2007, World of warcraft the burning crusade

    Here is the video: What do u think? Game of the year?
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    php expression to check if a box is checked

    delete. Please delete, problem fixed.
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    cron jobs help

    i never used cron jobs before, i dont like doing things wrong, so i need to double check. I want cron to run a php file. Tell me if the following is right: Click on cron jobs tab in cpanel Click on Standard Select the time you want to run the file type in the "Command to run:" I wrote...
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    i use a script to auto email me when http is down(not hosted on x10hosting because its checking x10hosting) problem is that i keep getting mailed "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" on the webmail. here are copies of the email(the emails listed here are me): i would post...
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    Half life 2 sig

    what would u rate it from 1-10?
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    Little script

    http checker EDIT: Source Removed! EDIT: The script is supposed to check if http is running(Requires Cron, Not important here though), if it isnt running, a counter is created on the file offline.txt. If the counter hits 5 it emails the user. If the number is bigger than 5, offline.txt auto...
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    Watch the trailers at: or stream it: this game looks amazing! would you buy it?
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    New User Panel

    The modify account link stopped working. It gives me a blank page. I changed my username using the user panel to "tarin" but it still says on the account overview that im using my old username. I relinked my new username and it says i am suspended(which im not). I clicked to see a reason but i...
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    the theme "darkblue/orange" is listed twice. can you guys get the "green/orange" theme back?
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    new server

    i posted in but got no help... username: tpsx10h subdomain: my account doesnt work after it was transfered to the new server. It shows me the following, when i visit my site: There is no website configured at this...
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    whats wrong?

    my site: when i visit it, it shows me the php code! and not the site! im using a cms and this could be a big security risk to accounts!
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    home error

    this error is found on the homepage ( <b>Warning</b>: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in <b>/home/corey/public_html/includes/</b> on line <b>114</b><br />
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    custom error pages

    the custom error pages are not working. it shows the x10hosting 404 error page and not mine. also i have another problem.. here it is: i password protected a directory and when i type it into the address bar and type the username and password, it goes here...
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    javascript and css in php

    how would i put javascripts and css into php files? would i just type include(filename) or echo "<script type=blah blah blah src=...>"; or is there a different way?
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    php fopen function

    Is fopen() turned on? If not can it be turned on? (i see php has been updated!)
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    top sites

    there should be an option in topsites where u can choose to remove ur site off the list. also the html code for the images should be changed to open a new window. <a href="<A href=""...
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    what is the business server's ip? i need it to finish: