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  1. Jake

    Free VPN Service Launched

    x10premium, x10vps, etc all send passwords via email as do many other (extremely large) services on the internet. It's hashed and stored in a database on our side of things so it's not going to be a security issue on our side. If someone gets into your emails or you don't use SSL with your email...
  2. Jake

    Tired of downtime

    Hello Everyone, We constantly work on creating a stable, fast, and reliable environment for free hosting. However, free hosting is just that - free hosting. You are getting this hosting service for free. We do our best to keep it online and efficient for you to run your sites. If you are tired...
  3. Jake

    SOPA Cabana (by Dan Bull)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "moving from godaddy domains." They don't use godaddy for domain names. The only good thing godaddy is good for is cheap EV SSL certs.
  4. Jake

    Private Network Issue

    Everything should be back online, we have some maintenance scripts running, some minor issues may come and go for the next few hours.
  5. Jake

    N64 best games anyone?

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Clay Fighters 63 1/3, and Mario Tennis of course
  6. Jake

    No show Main Domain

    I'm closing this thread since it seems to be working fine now.
  7. Jake

    what's name for dns

    Those are our nameservers, yes.
  8. Jake

    "Resource Limit Hit!" on Chopin

    Your site is not gone it is just being redirected for high resource usage. Once this is fixed your site will show up fine. You should still be able to log into cPanel and use the file manager and/or use FTP like normal.
  9. Jake

    How To Get Mysql Info ?

    Hello, First things first. Is this a legal version of vBulletin? It costs around $195 and if you didn't purchase it your account is going to get terminated so you should think twice about it. Second, you will need to create a database in cPanel under "MySQL databases" and then either create a...
  10. Jake


    Hello, Firs off, you can not get back the database once it is deleted. If you have a backup you can import it using phpMyAdmin. Second, you will need to explain this more. PHP and MySQL are properly set up and have been working so I'm not sure what the problem is without an error of some sort.
  11. Jake

    "The domain you have supplied is already in use."

    Hello, Sounds good. I am going to close this thread for you.
  12. Jake

    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    I'm going to close this thread. Let us know if you need any further assistance.
  13. Jake

    Resource Limit Hit ?

    Hello, Resource limits are automatic. Your site is using too many resources and you should be able to access cPanel still. It's most likely caused by something you are running on the forum. Do you have chat scripts or something that is run constantly?
  14. Jake

    Disk Space Policy Change

    I believe for high risk users it would be as follows: 1. High risk users signs up for 500mb limited account 2. High risk user has legitimate webite up for 7 days, abides by ToS and requests limit lift 3. The user is now set to the normal 1GB plan 3. User has 500mb of actual files used for...
  15. Jake

    How to update nameservers?

    Nameservers for free hosting are If you have a TLD (.com, .net, etc) you will need to update the nameservers at your registrar and add your new domain onto the account as an addon domain or switch your main domain. A subdomain does not require any...
  16. Jake

    urgent help site down

    Hello, Your site should be running normally. Lotus had it's webserver restarted.
  17. Jake

    Please solve my problem

    Hello, It looks like you have no main page uploaded. The server error is temporary because of DNS but your site should be running fine now.
  18. Jake

    softaculous Problem

    Hello, This has been resolved. You should be able to use softaculous now.
  19. Jake


    Unfortunately people don't read them. People also don't use searching properly. Even searching google ( reveals nameservers for x10 plus they are mentioned in many other places. Normally telling someone nameservers isn't a big deal though. It's quick and...
  20. Jake

    My SQL database appears in PHPMyAdmin but not in cPanel

    You are using 2 databases shown in your cPanel account. You are only allowed 2 databases in a free hosting account.