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    Latest Update

    Contest! Yay! Thanks for all =)
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    Rule Reminder \ Upcoming Rule Changes

    Problem is... there might be some people that don't even know what a 'cron' is or how to check what they have. I know, but I don't know how to check =\
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    Site offline, Apache test page It's been like this for more than a week. What happened? I'm on cossacks, username 'universe'.
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    WordPress Problems

    I didn't touched anything, and suddenly, Akismet stopped working, so I'm getting lots of moderation advices, and some plugins stopped working like they should (example: One Click Updater Plugin doesn't do anymore checks). In general, all external server stuff have been disabled. I have an...
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    MyBB can't be installed, using PHP intermediate upgrade

    Sorry, I've decided to get another host for the forums. But, there was no error log, just a blank page.
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    MyBB can't be installed, using PHP intermediate upgrade

    There are two topics regarding this, but no one confirmed anything, I can confirm that MyBB can't be installed using PHP intermediate version. And Bryon solutions doesn't work in 1.4.1.
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    Cossacks SQL Offline

    Now it loads. But I'm getting this error on my WP login: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/*/another/wp-config.php:62) in /home/*/another/wp-login.php on line 260 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by...
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    Cossacks SQL Offline

    It's been offline since a while... And generally, all services are up, down, up... This hosting had a 95% uptime, now it should be way lower...
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    Overall Updates

    Thanks for all the hard work, really. Congrats.
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    Lots of problems with my WordPress installation

    First, I couldn't login due to a security problem: Then, I tried to email me a new password but when I inputted my mail on the pass recovery form, it gave me a blank page. Changed the pass via SQL, logged in. Can't access the...
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    Radeon HD 3870 - Opinions?

    I've got a Sapphire 3870 (single slot). Don't try to overclock it, or use only the Catalyst software for that. Crysis, played the demo in mid high or something at 1024 and had 20-30 FPS. COD4, played the demo, max settings in 1024 and 1280 and no FPS lag.
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    X10-Mision (Juego)

    Lo unico que me parecio realmente molesto fue el tema de la piedra, que a veces la toca y se queda trabado. Entretenido el juego, aunque me acabo de dar cuenta de que me equivoque en la eleccion de personaje =P
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    Donde aprendo flash?

    hacer va con h y c :P Hm, de Flash no se nada pero es cuestion de googlear. Tambien deberias googlear porque es bueno no usar flash.
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    Need a website name - 200 credits ? ? (the inverse isn't copyrighted, is it? =P) Good luck in your project :D
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    Aparescan En Un Juego (GRATIS)

    Tuve una mini incursion en el RPG Maker pero nunca pude encontrar un programador =P
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    Que Opinan de este diseño

    Insisto, sabes que esas fuentes que usaste ahi (para USER y ACCOUNT, por ejemplo) se van a ver solo en tu compu, no? - a menos que sean imagenes, lo que seria un desperdicio de ancho de banda.
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    Favicon Poll

    Icon 1 if you smooth it. Icon 2 if you don't.
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    Review my site ... or don´t .. don´t do it ...

    Really nice. Simple and direct, congrats =) And it's not "just a theme", the content, and the way you style the content are way more important.
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    Que Opinan de este diseño

    ¿Es para un programa o para un sitio web? Porque si es asi, ¿vas a usar todas imagenes? Ta bueno, me gusta, le falta un mejor logo, pero tiene buena eleccion de colores (negro, amarillo y blanco son un clasico).
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    how is my website

    Now we're talking. I really like the palette used, that's a good start. Now try fixing these errors: