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  1. Picard1595

    Shared Hosting + VPS = Win?

    I dont see why you wouldn't just get the cheaper VPS package and use Amazon S3 for storage...
  2. Picard1595

    two free accounts

    Also if you dont want to use a sub domain using your domain there are many free domain names out there;, but still) dyndns and no-ip to name a few :)
  3. Picard1595

    Language Rule

    I am guessing this only applies to free hosting and not paid?
  4. Picard1595

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banned for not conforming to closed source OSes :)
  5. Picard1595

    I'm Disabled, Bottle Feed Me!

    Not sure where you got 10 per hour = 2400 a month... I think its more like 1600 per month. ;) Then after taxes it even less :)
  6. Picard1595

    FTP File Structure

    I dont think so, but public_html is root i believe? If not maybe someone else has a suggestion.
  7. Picard1595

    I have 1 of the corrupted Starka accounts. Can I move my WordPress or is that lost 2?

    Re: I have 1 of the corrupted Starka accounts. Can I move my WordPress or is that los It sounds like you need to submit a support ticket as we can't help you here, as its not within our abilities. The support ticket system is probably very busy at the moment so it may be a while...
  8. Picard1595


    If you are speaking about the backup software there is a thread about it in the News Section here: Anyways it sounds as if you need help from a Staff Member this is community support so go submit a support ticket here...
  9. Picard1595

    No volume or cc on cpanel tutorials

    Well I am sure, you could also check this cool website called google ;)
  10. Picard1595

    Anyone ever use Mambo?

    Yes CMS's can be quite confusing. Joomla is said to be a much more user friendly CMS you may give that a try. There is also xoops, more confusing but I personally like it better but thats just me. A
  11. Picard1595

    Domain change not going through

    Hmm its been a while since I have done this, but usually it takes about 48 hours for dns to get refreshed. Anyways you probably knew that already, but I dont think you need to add it in the addon domains section in cpanel, you should just need to change it in the account area on
  12. Picard1595

    CO.CC Free Domain Name

    Heh is that not what I just said :P :)
  13. Picard1595

    CO.CC Free Domain Name

    Sadly a while ago changed there TOS so that after the first year you have to pay 3 dollars per year for your domain. Really its better to put the 3 dollars towards a tld which is why i am no longer using an domains :)
  14. Picard1595

    URGENT: Most of my files deleted/gone!

    Yes all the servers all be consolidated into one server I believe so just be patient I sure everything will be done soon :)
  15. Picard1595

    Common Login failure issues on x10hosting

    Well no one here can help unless an admin stumbles upon your problem, you should really just submit a support ticket for account issues. You can do so here:
  16. Picard1595

    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    really for x10 a great alternative that is probably better then cpanel is lxadmin, much more powerful imho as it can use lighttpd
  17. Picard1595

    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    CPanel just needs to go, sure there are a few hold outs that like CPanel, but there are other account panels that are more powerful then cpanel and much more suitable to x10hostings needs.
  18. Picard1595

    View on Refurbished Laptops

    There are a few good sites where I buy refurb stuff such as and, I have bought plenty of tech stuff from both of those places and its all in good condition and there support is great.
  19. Picard1595

    Downtime 10 times a day?

    just go to its should be pretty easy from there.
  20. Picard1595

    Downtime 10 times a day?

    You get down time with all free hosts, I used many before I just decided to pay for x10hosting. So if you want uptime you have to pay. x10 has a 20 dollar per year development package that gets you on a Paid Server that is guaranteed to be up 99.99% of the time.