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    Gay marriage

    :D Thanks! I thought it was common sense but I guess not lol You'd thinking with more pressing matters we'd put a silly feud about a piece of paper stating you're social/romantic status on the backburner.
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    Pending time on Domain change?

    Oh ok thanks! It says "process wait" and I was just surprised because (like you said) it usually is instantaneous. Now I have to go to my domain and change the nameservers back to their original ones. I read this article in the wikisupport that said we had to change the nameservers first?? Gahhh...
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    If you travel faster than light, what happens?

    I am pretty sure that traveling at the speed of light is damn near impossible.... HOWEVER what if you could get space/time to move around you? Though it maybe be a very big stretch, it would seem there is a possibility. Read this article! All you Trekkies would like this too ;)...
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    Forum Name Change Please?

    Thank you :D
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    Gay marriage

    I think there is nothing wrong with it. People these days are way too concerned with what everyone else is doing... Worry about yourself, you know? Like previously said, gay people are people too. They want to be happy and spend time with people they care about. Let it be. At the end of...
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    Forum Name Change Please?

    I read that under good reason/circumstance Admins will sometimes change names. When I signed up I used my email address and the forum created this forum name using my email address. The problem is that my email address uses my first and last name and I'd rather not have that publicly displayed...
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    How to get a team?

    Try posting an ad for it on classifieds such as craigslist. There are always web developers looking for their next big job. Why not yours? :) As for a guiding hand to help you get started, there is this website that gives free advice/mentoring. I don't know if they do internet business help...
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    Gaming System!!!

    xbox. If you're good at modding them, they look good and you can make them perform well with some work. Plus the kinect is kinda cool :P
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    Xbox 360 General Hardware Failure

    I'm guessing one of the following are the cause: -The little sticky heat pads on the RAM have reached the end of their rope. (Penny method works great for this) -The X-Clamps are beginning to warp your mother board. Usually this happens when the xbox overheats. Not to mention the clamps are...
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    Pending time on Domain change?

    I hope I am not coming off as impatient, but I cannot find the info on this anywhere. Also, for the domain that I want to use instead of the x10 subdomain, do I change the nameserver for it?