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  1. MaestroFX1

    MySQL host

    Hello! Remote MySQL connections aren't allowed for free hosting service users. For more information, you may refer: Thanks!
  2. MaestroFX1

    even if i login every week it says me account is suspended

    Hello! You need to visit x10 forums to avoid inactivity suspensions. Link to x10 forums:
  3. MaestroFX1

    reactivation of hosting acc

    Cancellation of Account Deletion Request(2011-07-12):
  4. MaestroFX1

    Please delete my free hosting account

    Marked for deletion.
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    Bonjour! Bienvenue au x10hosting ! :-)
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    Fail site

    Hi! I can see a phpBB3 installation page there. Clear your browser's cache and then try again.
  7. MaestroFX1

    please delete my free hosting account

    I've marked your hosting a/c for deletion. It'll be deleted sometime after 14 days.So, if you change your mind before that, just create a new thread requesting for cancellation of your "a/c deletion" request. Thanks
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    hi everyone

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    See this article:
  10. MaestroFX1

    Having trouble with dreamweaver and the sql database

    Hello! You can upload your website using Dreamweaver's inbuilt FTP client but you cannot connect to x10 MySQL servers as "Remote MySQL Access" aren't available for free hosting users. For more information on how to use FTP for uploading, please see:
  11. MaestroFX1

    how to enable SSL for my site

    Hello! You cannot use SSL for your website on the free servers. You will need x10premium.
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    Hello! Your hosting account has already been suspended today for inactivity and will be removed from the system after 14 days or so.
  13. MaestroFX1

    Suspension of account

    Hello! Your hosting account was suspended thrice for inactivity within last 7 days. As your last activity here was on 05-06-2011,you must check x10 forums ( immediately else you risk getting suspended again for inactivity.
  14. MaestroFX1

    name server

    Hello! x10 DNS NameServers are:
  15. MaestroFX1

    Account suspended ??

    Okay, I've unsuspended you. Try removing that cron now.
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    Hello Everyone

  17. MaestroFX1

    Setting Up Website

    Hello Armin! You will need to remove Redirects/RewriteRules from your .htaccess file.
  18. MaestroFX1

    500 Internal Server Error

    Just add this line in your .htaccess: RewriteBase /
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    Hello! Yes, you can as long as there is an easily accessible word-for-word manually translated pages in any one of the supported languages - English,Spanish or French.
  20. MaestroFX1

    PHP Login

    Change: $db_username = 'cpanelusername_database-username'; //not stencil_access $db_password = 'database-username_pwd';