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  1. prasys

    Mac Services

    Hello All, Okay , I plan to create my own .mac here for my personal use of course. ( (you might heard of spymac..Yes , some Internet Service). Here are my questions :- 1. Is WebDAV Supported (If no , Can I request it , or Can I pay some money to enable this function). WebDAV...
  2. prasys

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Suggestion for FAQ :- Do you allow to mod Apache like installing ASP in the server ? Is it possible to downgrade/upgrade the package ? Can I oder a custom package (e.g I want less amount of space , but more bandwidth and other stuff) ? Edit: This is really a Support question...
  3. prasys

    Pocket gMail

    Hello All Just installed PocketGmail on the server. I am testing out some mobile related stuff on the site now..Of course all of them contain the text link (since I cannot put ads on WAP Portal sites...users will kill me...So I will put a text link instead)...I would like you folks to test it...
  4. prasys

    External MySQL Support ?

    Hello, Just curious , does your Host allows External MySQL Databases aka I got SQL Database from this service and I wish to use it with Web-applications which requires it. Is that possible Thank you
  5. prasys

    Dummies guide for Installing PHP-Nuke

    Hello All, Here is a simple , sweet short guide on installing PHP-Nuke for the total-newbies :whatchuta . So you won't get your account messed up and having it to reset (which is of course pain in the butt) There are few simple steps , you could take :- 1. Login to your cPanel...
  6. prasys

    Keep up the Good Job !

    First of all, Kudos for The Support Team and of course the admins. So far , one of the *best* support team , I have seen in my entire life. Everyone is friendly (of course , they have some room for improvements). Like I said , there are even willing to point out the topic , where users asked...
  7. prasys

    URGENT : Ad Code Not working

    Hello, I tried to use this ad code :- <script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript' src=''></script> <script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'> <!-- if (!document.phpAds_used) document.phpAds_used = ','; phpAds_random = new String...
  8. prasys

    Suggestion : Direct Links

    Hello All, Okay ,Its great that I get the standard PM with the infomation and other stuff. It is possible for the staff to include Direct Getting Started Link Guides (e.g how to put the ads everything). I know , you will say "WTF...Just read the manual by yourself". This gives "style" to the...
  9. prasys

    ChairtyUSA (Humanity Aid)

    Hello All, As we know , we are humans and its our duty to do good deeds. Yep , thats right. As you may have known , Sri Lanka , Indonesia , needs our help (After they have hit by the asian quake and tsunami). Of course , you may have already donated (May God Bless you for it). But , those of...
  10. prasys

    Some Tips and Tricks To Share

    Hello All, I got some tips and tricks to share on how-to optimize your hosting package . Thus , giving you more "bandwidth" and more "space"..These are my oringial Tips and Tricks. 1. Enable Low-CPU Usage Support Again , most of the Scripts , support this option , disable th...
  11. prasys


    Hello, First of all , This place needs some improvement. Of course , I worked with boards (and some cheap lame hosting companies before , untill I...joined Team) No 1 :- There should be a sign up option in the applications section instead of a new post button. Because it...
  12. prasys

    OSX on your PC

    Hello, So for you , those who are out there , who likes to skin their Windows like OSX (Do not ever do that...) , can finally have a chance to try out the popular OSX itself. Yep , PearPC is here to help you . PearPC is a PowerPC Emulator something like M$ Virtual PC and VmWARE for the PC..So...