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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

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    Getting domains here?

    Bleh! 10$ for a .info. Dangit. Thanks anyways.
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    Getting domains here?

    Can we purchase domains here? if so, how?
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    Dreamweaver vs Notepad?

    Get dreamweaver. It is way better for programming than Notepad is. Notepad, as I always say, is for Notes. Dreamweaver, is for programming :).
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    Anymore WoW's?

    Does anyone think there will be another World of Warcraft (WoW)? If so, when?
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    who plays crossfire

    Not me. I have never even heard of it before.
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    Hey guys, My website is soon to be up and going! Great forums here. I love the hosting too :). I will have my site in my sig soon enough. Thanks!
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    Battle of the Browsers

    Firefox 3 ftw! Firefox has great UI (user interface) options such as picking your display, and etc..They also have so many great programs and add-ons you can use!
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    What's the meaning of life?

    I find life difficult at many times, though I am a kid and most kids experience that. But the meaning of life to me, is just to life it to the fullest, and do what you want to. Personally, I hate being bossed around by my parents, so I don't do what they tell me to do sometimes, I make some fun...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Personally I like AVG better. They give you many options that lots of programs don't. They also scan all websites Before you go to them, which is great! They are free too :).