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  1. saachi

    Nearing full disk space

    I notice in the Server Status page of cPanel that the (primary?) hdd is at 93%, all good admin?
  2. saachi

    'About to exceed bandwidth' spam

    About three days ago I hit the 80% mark of my accounts bandwidth, and now every six hours I'm reminded again. I was wondering if this is how its supposed to work, and if so, how can I turn it off and only get sent one at a different interval (say, when only 1 GB is left). Also, since I only...
  3. saachi

    Making the ad code easier to use

    I was thinking if the ad code was shorter and easier to use, there wouldn't be so many 'problems'. I thought if the way I put the x10 ads on my site was made standard, and all the pages updated accordingly, things would be better. I've been incorporating the ads for my site this way ever since I...
  4. saachi

    How accurate are the cPanel stats?

    I realise that webstats and probably bandwidth stats have been set to be updated less regularly, most probably to ease server load, but how accurate would they be? I want to catch my account before it exceeds bandwidth limits say 1 GB before it actually hits it so I can put up my own bandwidth...
  5. saachi

    Account suspended

    cPanel Username: tfpcrio Subdomain: How long your account has been up: 2 months Did you have the ads placed on every page: yes I have an idea of why it's suspended, just checking anyway and wanting to make amends in any case. Issue resolved, disregard.
  6. saachi

    Dewayne on Digg [EXPLOSION]

    Was just floating around and noticed an x10hosting url. Well, what do you know, it's dewayne, and his submission is half way to the front page. Go digg his story long time, lol.
  7. saachi

    What does x10Hosting host for you?

    While I was doing some background on x10hosting before I applied for hosting, I had a look around for sites already hosted by them. Wasn't easy, especially since I only found a few when I thought there were maybe hundreds. If there is already a list, I apoligise, but I'd still like to see what...
  8. saachi

    Customising the x10 text ads

    The plan I'm on atm is one requiring a text ad. The text ad doesnt really fit in and a small image would be more suited, something more smaller than a banner, about the same size as the text ad "Free Hosting by". I was wondering how I could replace the text ad with maybe an ad...
  9. saachi

    saachi from nz

    Hi, Here I am introducing myself. My name is Saachi, and I'm in the process of applying for free hosting for a website about Tekken. There seems to be a lot of people arond here but almost no conversation happening. Anyways, I'm from NZ, followed somone I know in here and yeah, here I am. I...