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  1. dazappa

    Mysterious default vnc password

    Well I reinstalled my vps today after borking it myself trying to install VNC, and noticed there was a distro with preinstalled VNC. I had that setup, and have been able to connect and fiddle happily -- except I don't know how to change the default password from "x10vps" I thought it would be...
  2. dazappa

    Name Server Updates

    If I have the nameservers entered correctly in my registrar, will it eventually fix itself and point back to the correct IPs? Cause right now my domain isn't working.
  3. dazappa

    Pay2play VS Free2Play ?

    I like games where they give you a f2p version; however simplified it may be. It gives me a feel for the game and helps me decide if I actually want to pay for more or not.
  4. dazappa

    Windows XP vs Windows Vista

    I don't know what it was, but our school used vista for the comp lab and they were all using roughly 40% of the 1.5gb ram idle; after a login. Yeah it did run smoothly, and yes you will have to get used to some things changing around. Right now, I'm running win2k. Yes, 2k. I never felt like...
  5. dazappa

    My Thought Of x10 Hosting....

    You think they really care about your "threats"? The truth will shine through; if you go on a popular host rating website, there will usually be hundreds of ratings. If you're one person, and everyone else had a good experience, sorry, but no matter how hard you try your attempts to make x10...
  6. dazappa

    Firefox Download Day

    It's not your fault or their fault, it's the creators of the addons. As an addon creator you have to add compatibility (which, is usually as simple as one line of code) for new versions of firefox. How do I know? Well I started developing an addon one time.
  7. dazappa

    who plays halo pc

    I play halo 1 for the pc.. not 2.
  8. dazappa

    Firefox Download Day

    I made this topic quite a long time ago...
  9. dazappa

    Funny Picture Thread
  10. dazappa

    Firefox trying to set a world record!

    Found the answer! There isn't currently a record holder! Quote: "This is the first record attempt of its kind so there is no set number. We'd really like to outdo the number of Firefox 2 downloads on its launch day, which was 1.6 million. Let's shoot for 5 million--the...
  11. dazappa

    Game Maker?

    Yeah I use it. I've reinstalled windows twice; and they use an online activation system now so I'm screwed and ticked off -_- I'll stick with gm6. I made one complete game with it, and it still kinda sucks.
  12. dazappa

    Firefox trying to set a world record!

    I didn't dig deep enough to try to find a release date, if they even have one. If you gave them a valid email they will email you the day they release firefox 3.
  13. dazappa

    Firefox trying to set a world record!

    Yes I'm sure they'll plan ahead for their servers and such BUT I can almost guarantee that 30%+ will not pledge, but will still download such as casual users. (Ex: My dad)
  14. dazappa

    Firefox trying to set a world record! All you gotta do is download firefox when they email you, and then see if we broke a world record for the most software downloaded in a day. (Follow the link to pledge your download)
  15. dazappa

    Funny Picture Thread

    Ahaha oh man loved the kmart one. And the hitler one was pretty funny too.
  16. dazappa

    Funny Picture Thread

    Yeah I just didn't want to do that because someone might have dial up :P
  17. dazappa

    Funny Picture Thread
  18. dazappa

    [Contest] New Users Titles

    x10 Newcomer x10 Member x10 Fan x10 Advanced member x10 Regular x10 Addict x10 Guru
  19. dazappa

    My personal site

    Thanks! Did you look at index2.html? I'm trying to figure out what shades of blue people like most. I won 2nd place in the regional tech fair for my King of Lands website; and yeah I do like programming. (But, I really don't like math and from most people I've heard from it's almost a necessity...
  20. dazappa

    My personal site

    Images where? for the links? And I added another application to the software section "Easy shutdown" with at most 2 clicks you can shutdown windows! And yes, it works, and yes, it is pointless right now xD