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    php upgrade

    I need upgrade please, this was the message from support. thanks Hi there, You need to upgrade your PHP configuration. To do this please login to the AMP (Account Management Panel) at with your Forum username and password and request an upgrade to the...
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    hi FstLink welcome
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    Hi ;)

    hi tittat
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    which is the best Mini Pc top5 price/specs

    which is the best Mini-Pc (not laptop). Can be top 5. compared by peice, specs, usability. Also what can be enhanced to make it better. Seemless and multi platform. Device friendly. Or radical. 1. shuttle XPC Mini X200 2. Evesham Mini PC 3. Acer Aspire L100 Mini PC 4. Mini desktop PC 431...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Avira Antivir works for me .as we had some problem at work where we had norton coporate edition pre installed from server, dident do any thing.we tried avg but still no results then we tried Avira Antivir and it removed and blocked threats ok. so I had to install that on 41 machines and 15...
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    got in to create usenet nzb search site need help

    Hi I am new to this stuff but my brother know some php ... etc want to got in to createing usenet nzb, file search site and I need help and your guidance. rgds kushti :bash:
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    just saying hello

    hello dude