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  1. BrandonC

    Review my site :P

    Hey everyone, my friend chief and I created a game, tell us what ya think :P
  2. BrandonC

    X10 HOSTING logo :P

    hey everyone, what do yas think of the X10HOSTING logo i created for fun? :P i think it looks pretty neat, tell me what ya think :P i set it as my signature so yall can see it.
  3. BrandonC

    MySQL data base stuff....

    hey, i was woundering how long till you guys get your mysql stuff, and other stuff fixed? because, i keep getting an error for mysql, and that i was told from an account manager that i was getting that error cause yours is down also.
  4. BrandonC

    Does Anyone Need a Logo???

    Hey everyone. I create logos alot, and i do them really well. I am offering to create anyone a logo, no more than 2 a person/website(unless you really need more which you probably dont). some of my past work with logos are really good, i usually make it so the letters have flames(blue or red...
  5. BrandonC

    OI! OI! OI! wtf?

    hey, you guys keep suspending my website for High Resource Usage. but we arent even using that much resource man. and you guys suspend it while we got a bunch of players on my game. the URL's are they are both a link to the same site. we usually...
  6. BrandonC

    Website Is Down

    Hey guys, i was just on my website game, and all of a sudden it is down, and i cannot get to my site anymore, its not suspended though. try and get to it, its and yas down or something? please reply asap, thx. sincerly, BrandonC
  7. BrandonC

    Verification e-mail

    hey guys, ive been waiting on my verification e-mail for the hosting signup now for almost 20 minutes. i havent recieved it, and its not in my junkmail box either. was woundering if someone can manualy send me it, as sometimes when a e-mail is being sent to me, it sometimes dont get to me if a...
  8. BrandonC

    fixed. and i did something with links.

    First of all. We have fixed the ads on so now the ads are at the top of every single page. second of all, i thought i would help you all out, so i added a link from my game to here :) i thought i would do something nice for you all :) the link is on the left hand side of...
  9. BrandonC

    Ad Help

    um, yeah, if anybody knows how to move ads from the bottom of the page to the top, please let me know a.s.a.p. would be very helpfull indeed. thank you.