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  1. coolv1994

    Lets Encrypt

    I see what you are saying, I had not taken SLAs into account when posting. Please keep in mind though, I am not saying to replace the existing SSL system, or to incorporate it at this time; but to possibly in the future add a button in cPanel or something with the option to enable Lets Encrypt...
  2. coolv1994

    Lets Encrypt

    Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add support for Lets Encrypt? Lets Encrypt offers free SSL certificates by simply running a program on your server. Encryption is very important these days, especially with e-commerce, social media, and such, and being...
  3. coolv1994

    Need help with Linux

    Nevermind. Mod please delete or close.
  4. coolv1994

    Requesting More Memory

    alright thanks
  5. coolv1994

    Requesting More Memory

    Hello, I am installing a IP.Board and that requires a minimum of 128mb of memory and I currently have 64mb. Can you please raise the amount of allocated memory to 128mb.
  6. coolv1994

    Who has the best web browser? IE vs FF vs Chrome

    Lol I completely forgot about Safari and Opera, but I guess you could count that as other.
  7. coolv1994

    Who has the best web browser? IE vs FF vs Chrome

    Recently Microsoft has released a new browser, Internet Explorer 9, which is still in beta testing. Their new UI is like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome put toghter in one amazing browser, but that is my opinion. So what I'm asking is which is your prefered browser; Firefox, Chrome, or...
  8. coolv1994

    Phpbb,VBulliten, or IPB?

    Paid vBulletin Free MyBB
  9. coolv1994


    Ok, it was just a random thought that poped into my head.
  10. coolv1994

    How old are you?

    On a lot of other forums people will post a thread like this. So how old are the x10 users? I'm 15 and I'm good at graphics and webdesign. Edit: I forgot to post a poll, it just had the age groups, my bad.
  11. coolv1994


    I like the saite but I think there is too many ads on the home page, at first I though it was one of those search portal pages.
  12. coolv1994

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Neither, Windows 7 it has the speed of XP and the security of Vista.
  13. coolv1994

    CSS? - background color doesnt stay the same

    I'm using Inter Explorer 8 and it looks fine to me. I think it might be that when you refresh sometimes the stylesheet doesn't completely load so the layout will be messed up because Windows won't always cache the files right.
  14. coolv1994

    Post Your Ads For free

    Nice, I think I'll join.
  15. coolv1994

    Link Exchange with a gaming site

    I have a gaming site but it's focoused more towards a RuneScape a MMORPG server, I'm interested.
  16. coolv1994

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I just Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and it is so much better than Vista. I just have to reinstall all my stuff =P
  17. coolv1994

    CSS Help needed

    Well if your website is W3C complient with HTML 4.0 or XTML 1.0+ then you can not use a dynamic height for your page. I've tried it before and I would reccommend using HTML 3.0, that is my suggestion.
  18. coolv1994


    One question about the ToS, I have already read the terms of service and it says users are not alloud to host any type of torrent but I would like to know if this means that users are not alloud to host toorents of material that is theirs? For example I like playing around in FL Studio which is...
  19. coolv1994

    Xbox or Playstation 3?

    Xbox 360 imo it's a lot better it has halo and more people have it.
  20. coolv1994

    Port Redirecting

    Ok well I need help on doing all of this.