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  1. -Daniel

    Ad problem

    For some reason the ad on my splash page won't show...The url is I copied and pasted the exact code yet it won't show. I tried putting the first <script between the head tags and even that wouldn't do it. Could someone please help? Thanks, Daniel
  2. -Daniel

    possible cpanel backup problem

    I have backups of my forum and topsite and whenever I try to restore the backups, cpanel does not do it properly. Only 1 of the many tables are installed...(I know the backups work) and when it shows the results, I only see a page of the results of what was installed compared to the 20+ pages...
  3. -Daniel

    More time to create website

    I was just wondering if it would be possible for members to have more time to get there site up? (I'm thinking 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks) The reason that I ask this is because when I make my sites, I like to have a lot of content and many of the features I have planed already up. I understand...
  4. -Daniel

    Minimum post count to apply for hosting

    I believe that there should be a minimum post count for applying for hosting. (ex: you need 20-30 good posts [not spammy or double posts] in order to apply for any of the hosting packages) This would help prevent users from just signing up and not being active on the forums. I also believe that...
  5. -Daniel

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, My name is Daniel *points to username* and I just joined lately after seing how great of a community this is. (and the fact that I need a host) I enjoy snowboarding, playing basketball,web design, graphic design, gaming, reading, listening to classic rock and the list goes on...