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  1. michman

    account temporarily suspended

    Suspension Reason: Reporting emails as spam. Unfortunately this suspension is not able to be resolved automatically. To resolve this suspension please open a support ticket. my email:, it was never my intention to mark the emails as spam, just delete some old ones from...
  2. michman

    Cashium - One Of the Best PTC Site!

    ehrm.. 2 usd :) I know a better way to make some quickies. Thanks for sharing though
  3. michman


    Hello! :) This is one of the most useless threads I've seen today... But it made me smile :)
  4. michman

    My addon website can't be seen by others?

    what about making a favicon? It makes the site seem a lot more pro ;)
  5. michman

    Rate the signature of the person above you!

    @satishan You don't have much of a graphical signature... so I'll give you 7/10 But your site/forum looks really nice :) The content seemed good (I like brain twisters) as well but it's too late for stuff like that now ...:)
  6. michman

    Legality Question.

    In case there is something illegal about it, which i highly doubt, the fault would be youtube's/google's, not yours. I'm sure someone would've sued youtube by now if it was illegal. :)
  7. michman

    Get "" domain to work with your x10hosting account.

    @dudestermikey You will still need to sign up. otherwise your domain won't 'know' that it's supposed to be used for your site :)
  8. michman

    Get "" domain to work with your x10hosting account.

    I have a problem with goddady... Any ideas of what might help?
  9. michman

    Mah MW2 PC Clan

    nice :) I like your clan site, well done
  10. michman

    Robot Meta Tag Question

    welcome to the forums! :)
  11. michman

    My Feedback

    You pretty much said it all :D I've only had minor problems with the connection but in general, the hosting is awesome.
  12. michman

    Adobe CS5 -- anyone got any comments?

    Never tried Dreamweaver actually, but Photoshop is the best of the best when it's about image editing.. :D And yes, you'll have to learn a lot. I've had a look at dreaweaver too you know.. :D
  13. michman

    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    nice, I'll consider it :D
  14. michman

    Site slow

    Mine was feeling slow too a while ago. It's better now though.
  15. michman

    Sharecash payment proof

    *slight improvement made*
  16. michman

    Cheapest .com and .net domain

    I would've said something similar... There might be cheaper alternatives too though. 1 thing is for sure: "free ones" are scam...
  17. michman

    My son asked 23 times ( very touching)

    What people said :) It's a nice story Something worth remembering
  18. michman

    Sharecash payment proof

    glad you like it :) Is there any part of it you think I could improve?
  19. michman

    Facebook Games.....

    was going to try hotel city but I didn't make it to the "start game" button... :) Facebook games aren't my thing.
  20. michman

    My file sharing website

    Agreed. @abenuka You should really work on the layout of the site to make it seem professional. Good features will always get you some users... But a terrible looking layout will scare most people away when they first come to the site.