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  1. at_oussama81

    Hello, Is Boru Still Under Maintenance ?

    i still got a very very slow website, all my visitors send me about that problem, i don't know how that comes but my website is very slow, im using wordpress, and i tried to deactivate all the plugins, but its still slow...anyone got the same problem as me ?
  2. at_oussama81

    Hello, Is Boru Still Under Maintenance ?

    Good Morning All, I Just checked out the Service Status, and they say [Complete] Boru, Upgrade, Do that mean that Boru is 100% ready to go, or is it just fine to log in and check his files and websites ? thanks
  3. at_oussama81

    Boru is alive again !

    but not in my case, i got boru working well, and the Cpanel is upgraded to version 3 with a new login interface, also all my panel stats got modified, i think the new version is awesome, but i don't know where is the Softaculous auto installer, i can't see it in the menu. i think thats all what...
  4. at_oussama81

    Boru is alive again !

    i think the Boru server is now running fine. thanks for x10 team, and hope they fix the other servers too, as fast as possible, well am i the only who got things fixed or what ? if you still got errors, please comment here.
  5. at_oussama81


    No i won't :LOL for a million dollars would you kill bill gates ? :p
  6. at_oussama81

    The Ctrl+V game

  7. at_oussama81

    Parse Error, Mysql database eeror, and the boru upgrade

    hello all, Today i got this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/user/public_html/wp-config.php on line 18 is this a part of, i mean related to the boru upgrade, or it's an internal error, cuz i remember i was backing up my database and files yesterday, so i think...
  8. at_oussama81

    Need Help With my website [background-repeat function problem]

    i set the width to 105% cuz, when i pick 100%...i can see the problem, even with my 17" monitor, when set to 105, at least the navigation bar appears well to me. well, i don't know whats the real problem, cuz i know that 100% is a relative percent, so it should work with all type of screens, but...
  9. at_oussama81

    Need Help With my website [background-repeat function problem]

    sorry, the CSS file is too long (when i put it on forum, i got a limit of 10000 word) well, the CSS can be found from the source code of my home page, or as easy, i grabbed the link here: and yes "Mission" i...
  10. at_oussama81

    Need Help With my website [background-repeat function problem]

    yeah, sure i'll pick a screenshot of the problem, well, i thought boru has finished updating, but they are still working on it...i'll contact you with the informations later, when the server is fixed and thanks for your help :smile: ---------- Post added 03-30-2012 at 01:24 AM ----------...
  11. at_oussama81

    Need Help With my website [background-repeat function problem]

    hello all x10'eeners, it was a very long boru update, but now everything is fine :D well, the server upgrade isn't my proble, well, i got my website anned from the adsense bot, and i registred with another ad company, but they are having ads of 300x250, so i had to resize my sidebar and...
  12. at_oussama81

    Boru upgrade, MySQL database error

    Hello all, i checked out yesterday, that boru server was into maintenance, but thats over now, today, i can connect to my website, but after a little time, i can't have access to my SQL databases, when opened with the cPanel databases manager i got " The MySQL® server is currently offline. "...
  13. at_oussama81

    cPanel not working on Boru

    Actually the Boru Server is under maintenance, so chpin and others are working fine, the staff didn't put a timeline for fixing... i still have the problem, but hope they'll fix the server soon :redface: