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  1. Pyker

    Forum problem!!!

    Also happens to me. But it doesn't affect me much, since I usually don't use those categories xD
  2. Pyker

    What language should I use for a chat app

    Those type of scripts are forbidden because they spend too many resources. I think you should ask a member of the x10 Staff before attempting to put it online.
  3. Pyker

    500 Internal Server Error

    Bump? Problem still happens, and no reply after 3 days.
  4. Pyker

    500 Internal Server Error

    My website is throwing up error 500 on a folder and I managed to narrow it down to this .htaccess line: "php_value auto_prepend_file" I would like to ask, is php_value allowed in .htaccess or not really?
  5. Pyker

    Domain problem

    Working now. Thank you Corey :)
  6. Pyker

    Domain problem

    I need you to remove my addon domain for me, as it no longer shows up on the list, and when I try to configure it, it returns this error: Thank you, Pedro Cunha
  7. Pyker

    Several errors?

    I noticed my website was back online, and that all servers have finished the restore process. However, I can't login to CPanel because it gives me a "incorrect password" error, and the account panel says I'm on fris... What should I do? Edit: Got it...
  8. Pyker

    Slow cPanel

    EDIT: Can a moderator please lock this thread? Thank you.
  9. Pyker

    PHPmyAdmin Problem

    Not to be a "spammer", but PHPmyAdmin isn't working... It basically tells me (translated): "Username or password incorrect. Access denied." Are you solving this problem, or did I just find it out? :P
  10. Pyker

    Slow cPanel

    There was a website, originally made by Brandom (I think), a few years ago, that you would put your subdomain into a textbox, click "Submit", and it would tell you what server you were on. xD
  11. Pyker

    Slow cPanel

    I meant a page that everyone can access.
  12. Pyker

    Slow cPanel

    I think there is a page that tells you what server you're on... Thanks for the replies :)
  13. Pyker

    Slow cPanel

    What the hell? I was in Lotus, lol
  14. Pyker

    Slow cPanel

    cPanel has been hugely slow for me, taking almost a minute to open just the main page. What is the cause of this problem and what can I do? Thanks, Pedro Cunha.
  15. Pyker

    Website is down

    Sorry, I misread the status message. Thank you for your reply. :) Edit: Could a mod please close this thread? Thanks.
  16. Pyker

    Website is down

    My website seems to be down for, at least, 2 days, with no apparent reason. The affected services are, at least, Apache and FTP. What is the cause of this problem? Thank you, Pedro Cunha
  17. Pyker

    Some Updates

    I have two questions: 1. My account was created long before this update. Will it be updated to the new plan? 2. When is this update coming to public? :P
  18. Pyker

    Internal Server Error

    I can't login because of this... :( I have like 0% chance...
  19. Pyker

    I heard of A Vulnerability in Cpanel... Any idea?

    A solution was found:
  20. Pyker

    It's Corey's Birthday!!

    Happy (delayed) birthday Corey! :D