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    Can't Post On This Forum, without the account panel

    Hi there, I've had this forum account for a long time, where i got -4 credits, my previous posts make me look like a twit <b>but:</b> Does having -4 credits cease my ability to post in the forums via the normal way ( If i try to post in an existing thread or...
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    CentOS - KDE or GNOME

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a computer which i will use for a home server [local webserver]. I would like to ask which is faster: KDE or GNOME. i dont mind if one is harder to use. And what are your experiences with either KDE or GNOME in CentOS.
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    cPanel Proxy

    Hi, is the cPanel proxy script allowed in x10hosting accounts? The script is below incase you need it, will i get suspended if i put it on? <?php /* cPanel Proxy 0.4.1 * * * See README.txt * */ //// Config $version = '0.4.1'; // Please don't change this one. :)...
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    Where Do You Come From?

    I know it is a really wierd post but i would like to ask the community where you come from. you dont need to say if you dont want! Myself: i am half turkish and half zambian.
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    x10Hosting Unlimited Space n Bandwith

    On Apr 13th I Recieved the following email: If it is true x10hosting is awesome if it is not x10hosting is still awesome. Thanks x10 for everything!!! Humza
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    Cheapest .com and .net domain

    Hi, may i ask what is the cheapest .com and .net domain registrar. I would prefer one in GBP (Great Britan Pound [£]) but US Dollar would be alright. Thanks in advance Humza