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    I don't have a credit card, so is there anyone I can get a free 1 year domain on without one?.
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    Paypal buy.

    So, I'm looking for a script so that someone can pay a certain amount of money to me using paypal, once they have paid they use a contact form to send me an email with their name, email and phone address and then a text box describing what they want. (For a custom web design site). Basicly...
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    edit: Its fine now I think
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    Anyone here play?. I play on Xbox 360 once in awhile, I'm on the 3rd island and my friend recently beat the game. I haven't had my Xbox for long and I don't play it to often or I would have beat the game by now lol.
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    Cost of the war in Iraq script.

    Anti-War! ;) Neat script I found on the Anti-Flag website and decided to search for it and came across it at <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script> <!-- the elements 'row' and 'alt' will be changed by the javascript to contain...
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    My site.

    What do you think of my site?. (Layout wise). Don't mind the stupid videos, we made some dumb video for class one day and some people thought it was hilarious so we made more.
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    Little help?

    CSS Help? Edit: I found out how, but when using this CSS (I fixed capitals) But there is random lines at the bottom of the page and it makes the top of my layout look funny. Example: CSS: body { background-color: #ded5ac; color : #000000; font-size : 7pt...
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    Afew questions.

    Is it possible to make custom error pages? (Like 404.shtml) Is it my website, or the server that is slow?. Because my website takes forever to load and its not that big. Why do certin pages update, and others wont. (I changed my website layout, and about.html still looks the same as it did...
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    WMV files.

    I cant upload WMV files or .zip files containing .wmv files to my site using the file manager for some reason. I've tried Firefox and IE 7 and its still the same?.
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    Americas Army

    Americas Army, The FPS created by the US Army. Anyone else here play?. My favorite map is Weapons Cache. My username is C2A.ChemicaL. with 43 honor and my second account is C2A.!Atticu$! with 20 honor.
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    Hey everyone, I registered with x10 hosting to create a website for some films my friends and I make. I plan to be active on the forums and read alot in the tutorials section etc, and better my skills in PHP, Javascript and HTML.
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    Member Pages.

    Hey everyone, I want to allow 3 or 4 of my friends to create their own like profiles on my website without them having to code it then upload it using FTP or the cpanel. So basically, they would log-in and be able to edit like Interests, Favorite Music, Profile Picture, About Me, Age etc. Only...
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    [PHP] Ban and IP from you're webpage.

    [PHP] Ban an IP from you're webpage. Create a file called banned.php containing this: Replace the 0's with the IP address you want to ban. Add the this code to all the pages on you're site you want this to apply to. ( Make sure the file extension of the page is .PHP | Example =...
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    Domain issues.

    So now that my is approved and the name servers and everything are pointed to the right place etc. (I bought it from X10hosting and left it at default), I go to the modify account thingy and I put in and its been pending sincee 4:54pm...
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    I registered a domain using X10hosting about 30 minutes ago and I paid using Paypal and the payment was received. But its still pending in the client panel and I cant change it to the primary domain. :s