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    Change Domain for Account

    Hey Admins, I'm not completely sure how to do this, but I'd like to change my account's main domain back to I recently got my domain pushed on eNom ( to me, so I could use it on a different website, but I'd still like to use x10hosting for a smaller...
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    MP3s on Server

    Hey x10 admins, I've got a question. For awhile I've been using some storage space to give my little sister CDs that I've bought (I live in Dallas, she's still with my parents in Austin). Is that alright, sharing copyrighted material within a family? Or is it stricly prohibited? Let me...
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    Account Suspended

    Hi x10, My account was suspended over inactivity (although I did login to CPanel often) due to the fact my site wasn't up within the allotted time. The link that was sent to my email did not work, and so I was hoping to ask if my account could be unsuspended. account...
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    Radio Blogs Allowed?

    I know someone asked this already, but no one got back to him, so I'll ask again =D Are we allowed to host radioblogs on our accounts? Want to be especially careful with the new TOS...
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    Site Suspended

    cPanel Username: benryip Subdomain: How long your account has been up: between 5 and 6 months Did you have the ads placed on every page: :pinch: nope. :blushing: Please inform me if I can have my account back and put the text ads on every single page.
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    Hey, I'm Benry, and I recently had no website (except xanga, ew). But... I've always wanted one to call my own. From Texas (yee haw), and just saying Hi. x10 rox0rs my sox0rs box0rs. They are too awesome.