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    website not showing up

    It use to show up ... but now it doesn't load The Cpanel works fine ... it doesn't load anymore. Edit: It's working now
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    My new site I am still working on everything... Please post your suggestions... on what to change/add... Thank:hsdance:
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    Is the point value going to stay the same or go back to the other currency Like last version (500) New (5,000)
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    I need an arcade system ^ sample ideas I want to keep track of /Plays per day/total plays/total games/"add games"/Users online/Maybe Top 10 games. WOuld like it in PHP ect. I am offering points in the hundreds range. If this is possible or not, please...
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    Anybody know of any good

    Anybody know of any good free FTP programs out there.
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    Having trouble with site: Uploading ect.

    URL: UserName: AllStar Problem: When I upload my files with FTP(Using Smart FTP) the upload kinda. Like you you go to my site and view source, I have upload my banner and site ect. But it does show up. Like should there be a url to it instead of...
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    Account has dissapeared For some reason my account dissapeared, but it says it exists I talked to Nedren about this but hasnt responed in the last 2 weeks or so.
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    I need help with flash for some reason when I upload it I can't see it. BTW: this is a simple and I mean simple project that I did for school. I am Just started taking classes for it.
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    Website not working...

    For some reason, my website doesn't seem to be working, cPanel doesn't work ect.
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    can you tell?

    Can you find, like... People who have donated to you. Is there anyway to find that out?
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    A noobish simple PHP ?

    Ok, I am trying to do a little PHP, Simple... OK.. I am trying to center my website (can you use <center></center>) or do you have to do something different for it to center the website. Because my website won't center with the html code.
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    I need help with ad's and..., also I update my site through FTP, but nothing changes. I uploads it to the WWW file.
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    A little problem OK, I am using FTP, and I am trying to add my ads and a new banner. I upload the files under the WWW folder. Its says transfered, and then I go to my site and nothing happens.
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    How do you add font.

    How do you add different fonts to programs like Photoshop/Fireworks?
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    Are there any xbox 360 games that are a must get?

    Does anyone have the 360 yet? Are there any xbox 360 games that are a must get?
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    I just want to make sure

    We upload are files to the WWW folder? Yay, nay
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    I was wondering how you would do this. Putting impressions on your website(advertising). Would you need PHP to do that or what.
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    Making flash Games

    I was wondering if anyone here knows how to make flash games, I just wanted to know what was all involved. Like what programs/Languages ect that is needed to make flash games. And my a few good sites to learn from. Thanks, A gamer
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    Xbox 360 changing xbox games

    Does anybody own the xbox 360 or playec it. Because I was wondering if the Xbox 360 made the graphics on the xbox games better looking. I was just wondering if it was true or not.
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    Hi all

    Hi all, I just wanted to drop by and say hi. I hope sign-ups will open up soon.:hsdance: