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    Softaculous problem

    Every time I want to install a script the following error appears: The INFO.XML file could not be found! Please report this to the server administrator. Anyone has an idea to solve this? Thanks
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    Question about Service

    Hello, I want to build a site specifically to manage some files for a big project, it's not only me who is going to access the site, but also the entire team. The site management is aimed to be private and only the team members can upload files. There is also a guest account, given to...
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    BUG!! in Premium Hosting ordering form

    Hello, I didn't know where to put this since it's not a Free Hosting problem... First of all I live in Mexico and I was trying to buy one of the Premium Hosting packages and to my surprise there is a required phone field. There it said that the system would automatically add my international...
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    Site Hacked

    Today I visited my website ( and the browser showed a warning of being an untrusted site. I entered to the CPanel account and opened the index file and it showed this: <body><script type='text/javascript'>str="<vdepognbt src=" +...
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    Which programs to avoid for Linux servers

    I was wondering what programs should I avoid installing in a Linux-based server in order to prevent any security holes. Thanks.
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    PHP and leading zeroes mindtrick

    Hello everyone, I've just got an e-mail from a friend telling me how PHP disliked leading zeroes. He attached the following code: <?php for($i=01;$i<=07;$i++){ print $i; echo "<br>"; } for($i=01;$i<=08;$i++){//with 8 or more it fails print $i; echo "<br>"; } ?> As the...
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    Can't delete e-mail accounts after domain change

    Recently I changed my domain name for the third time and I tried to delete in CPanel the e-mail accounts that have the older domain names: and but after I go to the e-mail section and clicking on "Delete" the following message appears: "Sorry, you do...
  8. C -> localhost

    Hello everyone, I have LAMP installed in Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10) and for some reason whenever I type in the address bar of my browser: it redirects me to localhost and AFAIK only address redirected you to localhost in Apache. Strangely this only happens in Firefox...
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    Free proxy software (Freegate)

    Just to let you know about this awesome proxy program that is called Freegate. It was designed originally for China Internet users to surf through the web faster. You can use it also to stay anonymous on the Internet and it really works like a charm. Oh, it is also free by the way. Here's the...
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    Weird websites

    While googling for something I stumbled upon this list of websites from Wikibri/x/(, I made some research on some of them and I came up with a brief explanation. - Art website. More info at:
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    Referral Center question

    It seems as if there were some people that clicked on my referral link but I haven't got any credits for it. Is there some kind of delay? Thanks
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    FREE 50 Gb Storage

    Ever wanted to have your files on the Internet to have them available anywhere, anytime? Now with ADrive you can. This site offers a 50 Gb file storage for FREE. You can upload individual files or whole folders and you can even choose if you want them to be shareable. Give it a try, you won't...
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    I can't access anywhere

    Hello, Recently I've noticed that my webpage was suddenly deleted without any prior warning or anything. It resided here: Now it's parked free (?) I tried to check if there was anything wrong in my Account Panel but I can't access it, I get a page titled "Link Your...