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    Can't park domain.

    Hi,I've had an ongoing problem for a couple of weeks now. One of your guys was looking at it but I haven't heard back for a few days so I have to try this again. I told him about old account(s) 'ipax/ipark' holding on to my domain even though I had migrated these to 'ipaweb'. I am trying to...
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    Lost/confused settings.

    Hi, I seem to have confused the system (or myself!) over the last few days. I had been off ill for some time and got a suspension and, I suspect, because of the time I was away my account had actually been deleted as I couldn't access the control panel. I was 'ipark' on the forum and 'ipax' on...
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    Can't access unsuspend on control panel.

    Hi, due to an extended illness I haven't accessed my account for several months. I was trying to login via the control panel to correct this but I can't seem to get access. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong??
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    Account suspended/can't access cpanel

    Hello, I've been reading the FAQs , forum notes etc and it seems I lost contact with my account at the time of the server moves (July 11th). I can't access my hosted site and I don't seem to be able to logon to my cpanel. The suspension notes say I need to open a support ticket as I can't...
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    Hosting suspension.

    Hello, I'm getting a notification taht my hosting account has been suspended because of 'transfer to another server'. Sorry, I don't know what I'm supposed to do to correct this. thanks.
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    configuring and using sendmail

    Hi all, I've been trying to use Thunderbird to send/receive my emails from/to my X10 account. I can receive but can't seem to send. Looking at the error message and reading these forums , the problem seems to be the SMTP settings. I thought I would look into the sendmail method but I can't...
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    Problem with Dreamweaver CS3 FTP and public_html

    Hi, After reading through the forum I've finally managed to get my DW FTP connecting. My problem is that it seems to insist on putting things into a folder 'iain' which is under 'public_html'. Where DW asks for 'Host Directory' I've tried several variations of 'public_html' but it always comes...