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    Free Email Marketing!!

    Hello, Sorry about the title, this really isn't an offer, but more an update to my previous post about the free email marketing service. Since it looks like this kind of service is in demand, and everyone likes free stuff... Just like IPB... That should be free... :(... but anyways, We have...
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    Health Care

    Do you agree with Obama's 1-trillion dollar Health Care plan? He is very inexperienced with this area, and Our country is already in too much dept. What do you think about his plans?
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    Free Designs.

    Hello everyone, You may know Christopher? He works here? Well, He created a site that is very helpful to web designers. I just wanted to share it with you. Its a great tool, and they make scripts and designs for you free. Thanks Chris! :)
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    20 cred. Register at forums

    Hi, I am willing to give 20 credits to the first 15 people who Register and create one post at This site is my friend's, and has some pretty cool myBB themes. Thanks!
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    Free Email marketing! (like constantcontact)

    Haha. Got ya with the tile. Anyways, how many businesses would like a free email marketing like I am opening a service where you can get 1,000 emails per day, and 1,000 recievers. There are also paid plans, too. 100,000 for $5 a month, or 500,000 for $10. Anyone...
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    25-50 credits-Be a DJ

    Ok. I need DJs for By entering, you must be an ACTIVE DJ. The first 2 people will get 50 credits for being a DJ, and the next 8 will get 25. Please, If you enter, remain a DJ, dont ditch me after the week is up, and you get your credits. Thanks, Rebellion
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    DJs Needed!

    I have opened a radio station, KidRadio. It is not really against x10 Radio, but as I was listening to it, I thought that maybe I should start a kids and teens station. So, If you want to DJ appropriate, however popular music, please post here. I am using shoutcast, and Radio DJ panel is set up...
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    ShoutCast hosting?

    I hope x10 at some point opens ShoutCast hosting.... But until then, I found a free site for ShoutCast hosting, for those looking: The free servers are a little slow, but its better than nothing.
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    [Aution] Domain

    I am selling my domain: I will sell it for 5 dollars starting bid ( YOU Pay transfer fee) I will also sell it for 10000 credits (YOU pay transfer fee) Thank you.
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    Which x10 Theme?

    Which x10hosting forums theme do you like?