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    Asp/asp .net/php

    I'm planning on making website using either ASP/ASP .NET/PHP. I'm not sure which I should go for, because they all have their drawbacks. I've been coding with PHP for the past few years. So, I'm giving the voters the ultimate decision. ASP? ASP .NET? PHP?
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    What's the point of the Public_FTP Folder?

    Is there any real use to that folder? I placed files in both Public_FTP and Public_FTP/Incoming and I still can't see it via ftp.
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    Hi, I have a question about it. If I uploaded a file there, where would the other people view and retrieve it? This is my first time playing with a public FTP server that other people can view and download things off of.
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    What exactly are credits?

    And what exactly do they do? I'm curious. Is it like vBux and vbPlaza?