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    Can't Add New Domain

    Hello, I recently bought a new domain and have changed the nameservers to point to x10hosting; I know about DNS propagation, but both my home internet DNS and whois shows the new nameservers which were set two days ago. I get an error: "Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that...
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    Database Backup

    Hello, I have accidentally wiped some parts of my database for a forum that I recently installed onto my site by installing a second forum into the same database. Because of this, I have lost all posts, permissions, etc from the older forum, as the conflict resulted in deleting all old posts...
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    Disk space limit

    Hi, could my account be unlocked to have unlimited storage space please? I used to have unlimited storage space, but somehow I have a limit now. This happened after this: , but I received unlimited storage after that post...
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    Email doesn't work

    Can't receive email due to DNS Error - Domain name not found Hello, I have not been able to receive any email for several weeks. My domain name is with GoDaddy, and the MX records should be set-up correctly now, as I was able to receive email a few weeks/months ago. I am able to send emails...
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    IP Blocked From Level

    Hello, I think my IP has been blocked from Level. I cannot access my site or anything, but it works through other IP addresses. Could someone unblock it please? I remember visiting the login page before it got blocked, I may have visited it too many times. Thanks :)