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    How about my page?

    Hey guys what do you think of my page?
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    PERFECTED money maker with PROOF

    Okay, well its not necessarily perfected but, there is this prize site I use that is 100 percent not a scam. It's been out for a little bit over a year and has proof of legitament giveaways. What this site does is have you use their search engine and you will be randomly awarded points. Once...
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    Script Help

    Hi, can somebody help me create a php script that does the following: There is a 1vs1 game when the game is finished, Ask each user whether they won or lost. If 1 is win and 1 is lose then move on, otherwise have them try again. If it still isnt correct, then strike an infraction. add it to...
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    MYSQL help

    Hey, so i created a mysql server, and i jus wanted to make a form that does feedback. so i have this <script> <? $firstname=$_POST['Name']; $message=$_POST['Message']; $submit=$_POST['submit']; if($submit=="Submit"){ $con = mysql_connect("heres the problem","username,"password"); if (!$con)...
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    Problem w/ my container

    Hey x10 members! I have a problem with my container that isnt showing. May you please carefully look through my code at Thanks. I tried fixing it with the #clear{clear: both;} but it still didnt work. May you please tell me how to fix it? Thanks.
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    Java applet

    Hey, i programed a .java file but I want to make it an applet that runs on my browser. DOes anybody know how to?