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    terminate my acount

    previously i can't login to my account due to "unsupension not aplicable" prob so i want to terminate my account to create a new one
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    i can't access to cpanel login failed

    i can't access to cpanel "login failed" after been unsuspended please reset my log/pass
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    subdomain erreur :S

    my thread about my domain hase been closed so im opening a new thread :
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    subdomain erreur :S

    hellooo every one :D i hope to find some help here :D so i have a domain name "" i created a subdaomain "" all working good,until yesterday,i have made same changes with file manager (uploading some files :D) anyway now i cant access to my subdomain any help is welcome,tnks...
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    Review My Site ;)

    Link :
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    ? security ?? Fantastico In all Version Cpanel 11.x <= local File Include

    do x10hosting is Vulnerable ??
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    are my website respect TOS ore not ?

    are my website respect TOS ore not ? site : pleeze answere:lockd: