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    need help creating email box on site

    I would like to create a page that allows viewers to type into a box and check radio buttons and then submit the information to me via email. I have very limited programming knowledge but would like to add this feature to my website. I have access to dreamweaver to edit my site. thanks to...
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    What do you think?

    nice site. I did not notice the page loading too slowly... but my computer may be faster than yours. I like to design my buttons and banners in Photoshop, but I design the page layout in Dreamweaver. You could also try designing the site in Flash, but that is a lot more involved. In...
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    My first site

    I just glanced at your contact page and noticed that all you have listed is an email. try adding a pic or something to fill in some of the white space and turn your email into a mailto link so viewers can just click the link.
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    Adobe CS3 vs Adobe CS4

    Dreamweaver CS4 has many new features and I find it much easier to use. If you already know CS3 then it is easy to learn the new program.
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    convert picture to line art like a picture on comic cartoon

    I would use Adobe Illustrator (depending on what the original looks like) live trace the image and then you can add a stoke and play with different widths and fills. Live trace has many options - you may want to use 4-16 colors or just go black and white.
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    removing image from background using photoshop cs3

    I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but here is a stab at fixing the problem. select the ball with the lasso tool and delete it. create a new layer and place it under your original layer. use the eyedropper tool to select the background tool make sure the new empty layer is...