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    suspension resolution

    I\'ve been suspended for having excessive images. I missed this in the TOS but fair enough, how can i resolve this to regain access to files and DB while i arange more suitable hosting?
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    Switch to unlimited storage plan

    just realised it's probably about time i switched from the old plan to the newer free unlimited storage plan, could i get that modified please?
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    E-mail forwarding

    I'm trying to get e-mail forwarding to work. I've sucessfully created an e-mail account under cpanel, and would like all mail forwarded to my gmail so i can have a 'proper' address without checking multiple accounts. This used to work using the forwarding facility under cpanel, but i was...
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    free hosting unmetered vs premium 'unmetered'

    Comparing TOS for free and premium hosting, the premium hosting TOS states a limit of 300k inodes, and no backups over 10GB, neither of which i see in the free hosting TOS. Two questions: 1: What is an inode? 2: Am i right to interperet that these limitations do not therefore exist in the free...
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    500 error under moodle

    there have been a few posts with 500 internal server errors, but none seem resolved, so here's mine: a subdomain works fine (note some of the links are broken due to being work in progress), however the moodle to go with it at...
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    forum block and defaultwebpage problem

    #1: if i try to create or reply to a thread in the support forum i am told i have insufficient privilages despite being on chopin which i believe is open for support now (this is done through account panel) #2: i recieve the following status/error when trying to visit my website: If you...
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    TOS query

    Ive got a site id like to explore, but im worried it might be a bit border-line on the TOS, especially the file-sharing requirement, so i wanted to 'ok' before going full on with it. I'm a trainee teacher, and would like to create a site for teaching resources to be shared between teachers in...
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    premium query

    i know this probably isnt quite the right place, but here we go anyway. If i decide to upgrade to premium on a package which includes a free domain, is there a way i can put that domain 'in the bank' rather than registering one at sign-up, i cant see a way which lets me skip that step in sign up?
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    query multiple tables and present data depending on the table

    I have data (date-stamped) in multiple tables that i would like to present ordered by time. However how the data needs to be presented depends on which table it is from. How can i check which table some data in a union is from and present it accoringly, i.e: mysql_query( "(SELECT columns FROM...
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    Subdomain not finiding index file

    I started a thread on this already, but the thread ( )was closed with the issue unresolved I set up a subdomain, and got it a address ( ) however when visit it, i...
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    subdomain not finding index file.

    I set up a subdomain, and got it a address ( ) however when visit it, i get a 404 as it apparently cant find it's index.php page, however if i type the adress for the file it loads fine. TIA
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    Cleaning dirty URLs

    I was going to go for programming help, but since a search hadnt come up with anything i thought i'd ask this in tutorials and be optimistic that a reply would be worthy of such a description. Currently, some of the URLs around my site are what i believe is described as 'dirty', i.e they look...
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    account suspension query

    One for the staff: My account was suspended for high resource usage: SPND_RUSAGE1 9YKR6MBW6PVR I have clicked the button for automatic unsuspension, however i seek help understanding the cause of the suspension as as far as i know i have no scripts in my site that would cause any problems, and...
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    second domain in same account

    ive had my site up and running for a while and have been pleased with the service, so i'd like to create a microsite with x10 for a project ive just started. I dont mind sharing the resources (bandwidth, space, mysql etc, have paid for double-double) in my current account, but id rather the...
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    PHPmyadmin on chopin

    Having problems getting into phpmyadmin on chopin today and yesterday, is this a widespred problem related to the server maintainance?
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    htaccess render as php

    Put this in community support, but on reflection probably belongs here: .htaccess reads as: "AddType application/x-httpd-php .xml" (just the one entry) to make it render .xml files as php, this is so i can use php/mysql to render an rss page that will update automatically. This works fine on...
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    .htaccess problem

    .htaccess reads as: "AddType application/x-httpd-php .xml" (just the one entry) to make it render .xml files as php, this is so i can use php/mysql to render an rss page that will update automatically. This works fine on my dev server, but when i try to put it onto the x10 server it all goes...
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    check if flash is installed

    ive had a quick google and forum seach and cant readily find the solution im after. Unfortunately some of my pages have flash elements do display images. Untill now ive just left it at that, so anyone visiting my site with flash not installed/enabled is going to see a confusing/ugly page when...
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    Got error 28 from storage engine

    getting the error "Got error 28 from storage engine" when loading a page that accesses a certain table in one of my databases on chopin server. e.g but other pages which make calls to same database but a different table e.g...
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    check if mysql query returns empty set

    how can i check if a mysql query in php has returned an empty set. I have a page that requires two queries, but want to format it slightly differently if the first query returns the empty set, i.e: if(1stquery=emptyset){ format this way } else{ format that way } hope thats clear enough TIA