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    Review my site please.

    My first forum script is phpbb but it has no chat and a few of free mods. You need to buy some good mods for phpbb. Unlike smf, u can variety of mods which is quite useful. Smf also has anti spam features so i like it so much.
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    Review my site please.

    the bar if for the chat. :) if you log in you can chat with other users.
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    Review my website please~

    I like that food especially during cold days. About your website, personally i dont like your font. it is quite crowded for me and is not neat to see. In your menus, better add pictures of your products so that costumers will be interested interested in your product. :redface: and in your home...
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    Please review my website

    For better about for your site it may be better to put your work backgrounds like what you accomplish, your previous successful works and better add the country that you are serving. it is quite confusing where is your territory of service is. like if i am a costumer i will asked are this...
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    Review my site please.

    yeah always like that. Try again sometime. sever buro may have a problem connecting in the database. it starts 8 pm in our time here but it turns okay 10 pm. I think 8 - 9 pm here are peek hours for server buro. :redface:
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    Review my site please.

    My site is a forum for my co university school mates. Upon studying in this university people call us norsunian. It is just a simple site. 8-) Hoping for suggestions and comments.
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    Hello! GUd eve! becoming a prime member does not take effect in your hosting account? :redface:
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    Review my website! :) Please...

    you have a very nice habbo site. good script and themes. it loads easily and you have an advantage for having a top class domain. Also you have a favicon which i suspect that you are a professional web developer. Nice and theres nothing i can say. By the way it is better for your site to have...
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    Urban Exploration site

    Personally i don't like your theme. It looks like crowded and somehow irritating and does not fit to your topic which your site may mistakenly look a site which features hunted houses. Sorry about this. :redface: Better improve your theme which is quit distributed properly in not a crowded...
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    Review My Own Hotel Site Please...I OWN 2 HOTELS:)

    Your images at the bottom are broken and it will look good also if you change your slideshow to different views of your hotel like happy faces of your costumers something like that.. :redface: Not just a single pictured slideshow. Also your links above is cant be seen ( your home, blog, about...
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    Hello! GUd eve!

    Good eve guys!! Im a new user.,. :redface: i have a question. Is prime member and paid hosting the same? Sorry for bad English.
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    hi.,.taga san ka sa pilipinas? babae kaba?

    hi.,.taga san ka sa pilipinas? babae kaba?