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  1. TuxMay

    Portal to Active directory server

    If you are creating a website to external files not located on the x10Hosting network, that should not be a problem (don't hold me to that though). x10Hosting doesn't allow its hosting to be used for file storage systems or backup storage. All files upploaded to your x10hosting control panel...
  2. TuxMay

    Help Please Forums (urgent)

    Please do not bump threads, it just causes a mess, when someone can help you, they will. the URL you entered into the browser after the main domain: /home/haxflx10/... is your directory in the file manager. In the URL in the settings you need to put the URL you want as the main domain, whether...
  3. TuxMay

    WP Site Still Won't Post Posts

    So to confirm you have not installed anything new such as a theme or plugin or a new version of WordPress? Have you checked your error_log? x10Hosting (or x10Premium) usually has an error log either in the cPanel or in the directory of the error.
  4. TuxMay

    Important Free Logos or other small design work

    I am mainly looking for a new logo design for our main brand. I am also looking for a new website design, however I am mainly in need of a hosting slider, however cannot find a good one, could you help?