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    Have you read the first post? cPanel upgrade, PHP upgrade + some account terminations.
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    Game: Team A Vs. Team B

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    x10 forum attendance sheet

    neteater Soki sarvar leafypiggy vigge_sWe ichwar diabolo coldfirezz akkudreamz Smith6612 alexandgruntz LHVWB ichwar neteater akkudreamz IonCannon218 Briganti i2006 ichwar makj111 leafypiggy nexhunter sarvar Stunna akkudreamz neteater nterror ichwar akkudreamz ichwar...
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    On my 9600GSO it will do a 350-odd pointer WU in about 1hr 20 with the 511-pointers taking about three times as long. I think anyway. :) I fold for OC3D.
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    Exactly what he said but I was never a subscriber.
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    Does X10hosting support ASP

    I believe that .ASP is now supported, it was in one of the news threads not so long ago.
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    x10Newsletter - What do you want?

    The greedy part of me says more contests. ;) I would like to see tutorials but not in the newsletter - I think it should just contain important info related to the service you provide. IMO, anyway.
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    phpBB Information

    And before everyone starts running around going 'OMGZ should've used [insert forum product here]', there is nothing wrong with the phpBB software itself. It is just the website which was compromised.
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    Windows VPSs?

    It depends how much more they will cost - it would be another great addition if you were to start offering them. I have been contemplating ordering one of your linux VPS's recently though.
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    10K Credit Benchmark!

    ohai. Congrats. :happysad:
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    Guess Who Posts Next

    No. Someone using Firefox.
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    what is windows 7

    Is it a good idea to link to an illegally leaked operating system? I think not. :nuts: The public beta should come out later in January.
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    Free Software Poll 4: Email Clients

    I use Shredder - the name for the current version of Thunderbird 3.
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    The Ctrl+V game

    No posting in this thread unless it is your very first post of the day.
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    What is your biggest USB stick?

    I have a 4GB PNY drive but I am considering getting a 16GB one.
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    MySQL Setup

    MySQL is already included, but you will need to setup a database and user through cPanel which you can then use to add your tables through phpmyadmin or whatever method you use.
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    Thanks. I will try this as soon as my account works properly again after Lotus is fully transferred. EDIT: Made the change it all works now. The server is a bit slow to respond and I can't connect via FTP at the moment, btw. *Thread Closed*
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    From what the server logs show me, this function is blacklisted. Will upgrading to advanced PHP fix this? AFAIK this is an area of phpBB 3.0.3 untouched by my excessive modding. Below is the code where the error is thrown: // And the owner and the groups PHP is running under. $php_uid =...
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    3 Great ways to get pass school filters

    Learn. Or lark around.
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    100000 green bottles sitting on the wall

    99967 green bottles sitting on a wall. 99967 green bottles sitting on a wall. and if 1 green bottle was to accidentally fall there will be 99966 green bottles sitting on the wall.