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  1. lucasbytegenius79

    Enigma Computer Forum v3: My Project

    Well, me gotz a few Qs :rolleyes: I signed up for x10's service when another free server went offline for 24 hours due to low memory. Reading up on reviews I wish I had seen before I signed up, I found that my previous server had a history full of instability and downtime, and I decided that me...
  2. lucasbytegenius79

    Mahahaha!! The Lucas is here!

    lol, wanted an unusual thread name than "Hi!" or "Helllo!". :D So, as everybody no doubt knows I am new here, really excited about the server account that I just got, as my previous server account with another host was rather unstable and had a lot of downtime. So I'm testing the x10 server...