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    Important Server issues all servers.

    Being techy and curious I would like to know what caused such a complete failure on the service, which until now has mostly been very good since I signed up back in 2012, particularly considering how it is provided with no costs to us free hosting customers. Please share it with us when the dust...
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    page not found

    Yes, I was getting the same but it has now progressed to a 404 page not found error. Hopefully all the files will be restored eventually if what Garrett has said about everything being backed up by X10 is correct. I thought backups were the site owners responsibility on free hosting but I won't...
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    Resolved Can send email but not receive it - except spam?

    Ok, thanks. Unusual for me to do something that makes sense :) Peter
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    Resolved Can send email but not receive it - except spam?

    It seems to be working again now. I tried just re-saving the MX and A records for the mail server without changing anything and have been able to receive the test message I just sent. Hope that helps if somebody else has a similar problem. Lets hope it stays fixed though? Peter
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    Resolved Can send email but not receive it - except spam?

    I've just checked, both disk space and inodes are well within the limits at just under 50%. Several hours after sending the last test message I received this in a message saying that there is a temporary problem and gmail will continue to try to deliver the message for 44 more hours: DNS Error...
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    Resolved Can send email but not receive it - except spam?

    Hi, I'm not sure what is going on. I've been told that messages sent to our email are not getting through, so I've done some tests. I sent a couple of short messages from the two personal email I use on hotmail and gmail and found that the messages do not get to either of the mail boxes I've...
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    Resolved Disk space upgrade please?

    Thankyou Anna
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    Resolved Disk space upgrade please?

    Hi, I've had our church website on here for a number of years now and have recently installed phplist so we can email our members and friends to keep them informed during the covid-19 lockdown time, and that has caused a problem with the space. I clicked on PHPlist's update button the other...
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    Email forwarding option gone from DirectAdmin?

    You are right - that is where it should be. You have some other menu items missing too. I am on x12 now, and on my account looks like this. P.
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    Email address book question

    Hi, Prior to the recent migration, there was an address book associated with the main email address that was being used on my account. It was set up on a custom domain, not the x10 subdomain. Now the address book in webmail is empty. Where would it have been (what folder in the account is...
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    Email forwarding option gone from DirectAdmin?

    If you look under Email Manager you can set up your forwarding under Forwarders. The trick to know about though is that if you have a custom domain setup you have to select that by scrolling up to the top of the screen and selecting your domain from the drop down list, otherwise you don't see...
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    Unable to access mail

    I don't know if it's the right way to do it or the best way, but what I did when this happened to my email, was to recreate the email address on my own domain and then copy the folders across from the IMAP folder on the x10 subdomain, overwriting the empty folders in the newly created folder...
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    Webmail and custom domain problems

    OK, since yesterday I have now worked out that it is my unfamiliarity with the new DirectAdmin control panel that is causing some of my problems. I now realise that there is a domain drop down at the top right of the screen, and if I use that I can see all the email accounts, one domain at a...
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    Webmail and custom domain problems

    Since my site was transferred to x12 server I have lost the email addresses I had set up on the custom domain I own. They now appear on the default free domain name e.g. as rather than as but I am unable to log in to them using Roundcube webmail. I've...
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    I can't update files on my site

    It might sound obvious, but this is a mistake I've made myself when using ftp. Have you checked that you have uploaded the file into the correct location and overwritten your old file? I've uploaded a few files since the beginning of this cpanel migration and downloaded a complete backup of my...
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    X03 is read-only file system?

    I noticed last night my website was down with a 503 error when trying to access pages. I couldn't get into the control panel either. Today I can get into cpanel and open file manager but can't do much else as the file system is read-only for some reason. This message pops up on the screen...
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    i can't seems to load my webpage

    I'm on X03 and having similar problem, although status shows all servers working and still have access to cpanel. Peter
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    Getting 503 error on my website on X03

    It came up again shortly before midday London time, so was probably down for about 1 1/2 hours. Any idea what might have caused it? Thanks, Peter
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    Getting 503 error on my website on X03

    All services are shown as operating normally on the service status blog, but I'm getting this error message when I try to go to the home page. 'Service Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later...
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    File size question

    Thanks, I obviously didn't look hard enough. My only possible excuse being that it was way past my bedtime...