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    CSS Float Problem 2

    I also had this problem a couple of months ago, and it was really annoying. Im not sure if this is the correct solution, but I think I changed the div that contains everything(the one that you had to set the height, or it wouldn't work). For this changed I set a min-height, and also...
  2. P - Computer-pranks and fake viruses!

    this might sound really harsh, but you learn from mistakes, and you made a lot on this website. First of all you have almost no color scheme, it is just random colors that make everybody's eyes hurt. Also the logos I'm guessing were made in Windows Paint? You should try out Gimp, or Paint.Net...
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    where to start with web design

    The best beginning tutorials are over at They are where i started out and they give you great examples, and you can also try them out on their site. They teach the basics of everything, PHP, (X)HTML, Javascript, CSS, SQL, and AJAX. This is probably the best place for...
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    What is your prefered programming language?

    PHP is my favorite, just because of how easy it is to learn. I also like php because it is server side, and it shows up the same way in EVERY browser no matter what. This helps a ton, and you don't have to worry about ie when you code except when you make the user interface.
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    Earn money by registering on forums!

    Yea, you should of cleared that up earlier, so then your statement of minimum payment is 10 cents is wrong.
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    best way to make money online

    I would do both, they don't require much time to do things daily. One that i use is You get points for watching videos, signing in, and answering a daily question. You can get lots of great prizes, like a mac book is 1000 points, and i already have 300+. You need a...
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    Earn money by registering on forums!

    When i read this I became interested, but i notice that the payments are not $0.10 minimum. When i looked on the site i saw payments for $0.039, $0.0195, $0.0195, $0.013, and $0.00975. None of them are even close to 10 cents. the closest one is almost 4 cents. Thanks for reading.
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    Family Website

    yes very good job on the theme, its very professional, especially for a family website, hope you can keep it up for a while!
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    Please let me know what you think...

    i think its good, i cant really see anything wrong with it, i like the template for your site. Hope you have lots of success, good luck!
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    please take a look

    just make sure you dont violate the ToS, and i your logo doesnt blend with your site, thats the only think i can tell that you could fix, Good luck!
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    Please help me

    i dont really care for the looks of either site, so the only way that you are going to get people to come is if you have really good content, or something that other places dont have. I hope you get the slow loading issue figured out with the first one, Good luck!
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    Review of simple blog

    yes, i like the theme of the blog, i also did not see any loading time issues, good luck on getting traffic to your blog!
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    yep also blocked, you should really just wipe out your account, and start over, as it looks like your site is a search portal site. Hope you fix this.
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    Please have a look!

    i think it looks good, but the navigation and content line is very pixelated, thats the only problem i can see. Good luck on your site and also your friends restaurant!
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    Youtube video!

    good video, i would recommend that you used x10 for the host :), well anyways i think its a fairly good video. I also am not sure if this is the right place for this video. Good luck!
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    Check it

    i think it is a very professional looking site, especially for WoW, as i play it a little bit. But as far as i can see i dont notice any problems, and just make sure to have lots of content. Good luck!
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    Browswer problems

    yea, its really hard to try and fix something without seeing some code, or something similar. Hope you can help us help you!
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    Review a newbie's site

    yea i like your site too, but i think that the color is a little blah, but its really good for a first time site. I hope this helps with you!
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    Please review my site...

    yes, probably one of the most professional looking sites ive seen on x10, great job, just add more content!
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    County Jail Inmate Search

    i think it all look very nice. I'm assuming that the site is a site that stretches depending on the width, not a fixed site. Good Luck!