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  1. javayathzee

    Riview my site

    has a moderately professional look, but I agree. it needs more color!
  2. javayathzee

    i want to buy some script

    I clicked. send points?
  3. javayathzee

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban Smith6612 for being on his gaming computer :)
  4. javayathzee

    Giving 20,000 credits for the best website design!

    wow, impressive symbols in the top left corner. where'd they come from?
  5. javayathzee

    Word Wrap in html tales ??

    you're not going to find a way to fix it if the text has no breaks. HTML doesn't handle that kind of thing at all. sorry
  6. javayathzee

    Immediate help will give 500 credits

    so do you want to disable them to show your site default error pages, or what?
  7. javayathzee

    Giving 20,000 credits for the best website design!

    XGI Admin, if you want, we can collaborate on this one. I'm good at HTML, but I stink at graphic design. We could split the winning pot 50/50? PM or post on this thread if you're interested :)
  8. javayathzee

    this website gets you suspended way too easily

    its better that way than if nobody got suspended for breaking the rules!
  9. javayathzee

    Make other people access my Database (SQL)

    Hmm, I've tried successfully to connect to external mySQL servers from x10, but not visa versa. sorry :)
  10. javayathzee

    What's the best 3D Animation Software?

    actually it can be both, but it's not really a 3d GRAPHICS program... just a model design program for Mechanical Engineers :) I use Blender (free) and Art of Illusion (free)
  11. javayathzee

    Easy 50 Credits!!

    signed up as user javayahtzee :)
  12. javayathzee

    Look at my sites and get credits!

    Wow, very nice! I expected them to be in flash but they're not. very nice use of DHTML!
  13. javayathzee

    Giving 20,000 credits for the best website design!

    well, Until I hear from the OP, I'll assume that it's NOT, since he's not really declared a winner as far as I can tell.
  14. javayathzee

    Giving 20,000 credits for the best website design!

    Are you still looking for someone to design your site? I've got a graphic design friend who I usually work with on another forum and we can work together if you're still looking (he designs and I cod :) ) just let me know if you're still looking!
  15. javayathzee

    Online shop help/ Registerd globals

    yeah, please post the code so we can get an idea of what line 19 is :)
  16. javayathzee

    Free domain forwarding

    I like because it has DNS management. I've not tried though :)
  17. javayathzee

    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    It is interesting to see this discussion on here because I just recently switched form Norton to Mcafee. I had been using Norton for some time but decided to switch back to Mcafee because it is much cheaper. So far everything seems to be working nicely. I like the fact that Mcafee isn't in your...
  18. javayathzee

    What can we sell?

    Hello, I was a bit confused by one of the stickies at the top of this section. Are we allowed to pay people to complete offers and stuff on other sites under our referral? I would like to do so If I am allowed to. Thanks in advance.
  19. javayathzee

    Tired of Scrolling Banner?

    Ok, if the mods don't like this post they can delete it. sorry... I find it rather distracting having the "did you read all posts before posting" banner always scrolling at the top of the screen, so I wrote a script that hide it. First you need to get greasemonkey (a firefox plugin) search...