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  1. naim4u

    Best website builder

    For just building a simple website , webpagemaker2.5 or site-spinner is the best software. if u want to build php, oriented website its neccessary to use WYSIWYG editors softwares
  2. naim4u

    Hw to make professional looking websites ??

    To make a site to look professional ,all u need to do is ;) to follow a certain pattern for all the webpages of the website . 1.use a search box (search contents of the website, by any php search scripts) 2.use a date time script . 3.Avoid using unnessarry banners or colourfull images...
  3. naim4u

    installing Apache in Localhost.

    configuring php on localhost - Today, 08:15 AM Before we install Apache, we need to make sure the Windows Internet Information Server (IIS) is disabled (if it is installed and running). The reason is that IIS and Apache are both web servers and they will conflict if they are both running at...
  4. naim4u

    hhi see my site

    hello every body, i would be happy ifu vist my website (personal site) byeee
  5. naim4u

    hi everyone

    hai i am Naim.J from india. i am feeling very lucky to know that i am a members of this website i like this very very much because of its close relation to their users. thank you.
  6. naim4u

    sir my acount got supended

    dear sir: sir my acount got supended. it was told to that my account got suspended due to inactivity. sir could you plz help me to get is unsuspend. yours faithfully, naimudeen