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  1. guancharlie25

    How to set up a cron job?

    Hi guys, I just set up a cron job using the cron job maker in cpanel. I'm trying to run a file in my directory. Every minute, the cron job is supposed to execute. I know that on free hosting, cron jobs can run at most every five minutes, but the first one should at least run and wait for the...
  2. guancharlie25

    Building a project management site

    Hi guys, I'm a young web development student, and my boss recently asked me to design a site for project management. He said that he's ok with it being done in Wordpress. Right now, I've finished listing a few project goals but have not yet created milestones of when I expect to get a set of...
  3. guancharlie25

    Can not access Cpanel

    I must sound like a broken record right now. So I've been trying to log in for a few minutes, I know my hosting username, my old hosting server was cossacks and my new one is fris. I'm certain that I know my password since I just changed it from one password to another one. But everytime I go...
  4. guancharlie25

    How do I reset everything?

    I followed another youtube video tutorial: But halfway through, I realized that what I wanted to use was zencart, since my website is already on zencart. Anyways, long story short, I deleted all the files in my file manager, and I don't think I have...
  5. guancharlie25

    Goodbye!... or wait is it hello? welcome... darn I'm not very good at this :(

    My name is Charlie, I'm very sleepy right now, so I'm gonna go to sleep soon, just after playing some games. I'm a student and I'm making a business website. About antennas! For my family. In Peru! No in Massachusetts.