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    Please view my new site

    I'm hosting dedicated servers in my computer,so my site is the support center and form to request.Isn't used by x10hosting resources,don't worry.MY servers are host on 50 MBPS connection.Please check my website
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    Need script(Pay 750 credits)

    Hello i need script like or have tryed to search but isn't installing in my website.I like to open free forum hosting company Thanks Credits will be payed to person who is finding best script.I will see all yours script all of posters who have posted on this...
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    Do you playing

    I'm playing and it's good game,verry good game,it's made by php script and likes game free lancer If you have questons ask me here Thanks Nikolasr
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    I'm selling accounts for 700 credits per acc

    I'm selling one link removed account and link removed account The cost is:700 credits per account Thanks and sorry if i'm wrong Nikolasr
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    Your name on taskbar

    Heres a trick to add up ur name in place of AM and PM beside time and make urself to feel proud among ur group of frnds. Its simple Start -> Control Pannel -> Regional and LAnguage option -> Customize (beside English US) -> Go to TIME tab -> Change AM symbol and PM symbol from AM and PM to ur...
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    Banner request

    Hello i like to request to someone to create banner for my "MKTorrent Portal".So create i will pay 560 credits..So let's start In the picture put text MKTorrent Portal - The best Torrent Portal Size:468*60. And on the bottom put the link Thanks and i really need it...
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    Giving accounts - Lottery

    I'm giving 1 account Of and 1 account of Type numbers from 1 to 65(3 numbers ex:25 61 41) The lottery experies Tommorow in 15:35 GMT +1 The numbers will be chosen by Let's start Thanks Nikolasr Edit: please delete this theard...
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    Please read!

    If your are using the torrent your hard disk will be 70 % uptime.So please people don't download torrent files ,he has damage your hard disk.I belive on this Thanks Nikolasr
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    Help on my gallery

    Hello i have install gallery and my friends says : hey i don't see captcha image why And please help me Look here please Edit: anyone?
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    Help me pls

    Hey i have login in my cpanel and he show me that i have 3 my sql databases and i delete two and again shows to me that i have 3 mysql databases. Please delete Thank you
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    I have no permisions to send mail!Please help!

    Why?I don't have send permisions to send mail? I send and he says send.My friend check mail and he says to me have notting found on the mail
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    Help me

    Hello why my website is slow?
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    Please help!

    Hello please help my site have this error Go to And what's the error? Why i'm having the error? Thanks Nikolasr
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    Please review my site

    Hello please review my site and tell mi what is the problem the url:
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    http is down

    hey http is down why?
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    I can't view my site .

    I can't view my site why what's wrong the url is and the cpanel user is pizzawe Edit: anyone?
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    Pls help me

    hey i load slow my site why look this? Server Load41.76
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    I need vb forum for 1800 credits;)

    Hello there i need vbuleltin forum for 1800 credits i will pay to you but the forum will be a legall and i want to have access account
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    Please help

    hello there please tell me how to set domain names to
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    I have two accounts

    Hello i have two accounts first is i'm work on him and two hosting account is and him i don't working i have install this domain for test.Please listen unsunspended my account and delete My...