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    What is the oldest/crappiest computer you've ever had

    I remember using an atari 800 growing up. We eventually got a Zenith 8086, no hard drive, just floppies. My first computer I purchased was a 386 sx 8mhz with turbo to 16 mhz!
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    just purchased duke nukem forever... not too impressed so far, nice references to the original & 3D
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    Laptop switches itself off a couple of seconds after switching it on

    I would look at a couple of things: -look at the switch when the lid is closed, try pressing it when the laptop first boots up -hook up external display, make sure the laptop is set to dual display, see what appears on second screen on boot up. -Take the laptop apart, re-seat any components...
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    What is your favourite FTP Program?

    Another one for FileZilla !
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    Do You Think XP will be Phased Out Eventually- Alternative OS?

    I think it also depends on your applications: if you are going to be using the same apps and never upgrade them... then stick with WinXP. If you load Windows 7 on old machine, it will be extremely slow compared to WinXP.
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    Thoughts on Chrome OS?

    I hope it is successful (competition is always good), I know I will be buying one. If they can keep the price down... i think it will sell pretty well.
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    Hey there

    welcome to the site, did you sign up to host your own domain?
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    website online

    thank you for visiting! I will look at the google analytics report tomorrow.
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    website online

    Hello, I started to add content to my website: and I added Google Analytics to each page. If you have 30 seconds to spare, could you visit my site so I can start to gather data and learn how to read the reports that google analytics produces? Thanks!
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    Hello to X10

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    new user - can't wait to try it

    wow! that was easy to set up my domain, nameservers refreshed really fast, I'm loving it! now i just need to work on my content! <grin>
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    new user - can't wait to try it

    Hello, I just created a new account and I can't wait to try hosting my webpage on this service! thanks, rod