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  1. sshaw815

    Please review my web site.

    Please review my web site.
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    New Artists Site

    Have a look at mine ?
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    10 reasons why you love x10

    Free x10
  4. sshaw815

    My disappearing site.

    This is just not funny any more. 3 days with the site unavailable. I have just started a new aspect to my business and many people are asking about and being directed to what is now a blank page! I have read about the server "Chopin" etc.. So I know what you will tell me again. Just, please...
  5. sshaw815

    My disappearing site.

    OK. When can I expect it to be fully running again?
  6. sshaw815

    My disappearing site.

    Why does my site keep disappearing? I keep getting the message I pasted below. Nearly every other day now. I was told it was 'maintenance' last week, bur surely this must be finished? What is going wrong? Or am I doing something wrong? HTTP Error 503: The...
  7. sshaw815

    Have I a problem?

    My site has gone down with the following message. Is this a bad thing or just a glitch? HTTP Error 503: The requested service is unavailable The service you requested is temporarily unavailable The service may be unavailable because the server has reached the limit of the number of...