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  1. interne3

    Closing Forum Account

    I'd like to close my forum account, but I cannot find the account deletion section in my account. Could anyone please help, or is it physically impossible? Thank you, I greatly appreciate any advice given about this.
  2. interne3

    Oxwall Cron Job

    Hi. I got a new site at for just hanging out. Although, I do want to know, I installed Oxwall and it is telling me to execute "ox_cron/run.php" every minute. Just reading the terms of service, I quickly realized that is against the TOS as quoted here "Your jobs cannot load external...
  3. interne3

    Space Upgrade for reregistered accounts

    Hello. I requested my account to be closed because I didn't have enough time to monitor the website, but when I open an account again, and Igo over half of the space limit again, can I get a space upgrade again? (I don't want one now, but I'm asking for the future?)
  4. interne3

    Another website hosted on the same x10Hosting Account

    Hello. I read the TOS of x10Hosting and there was one part of the TOS that was about not hosting anything that was not strictly related to the website and after I read that, I was confused. Could I host another website that was NOT related to the main website with an addon domain? I would...
  5. interne3

    Mail Server

    Hello. On, in SquirrelMail, I changed the IMAP Server and SMTP server to ssl:// and the ports to 993 for IMAP and 465 for SMTP and when I try to connect, it says "110: Connection Timed Out" and on Roundcube, SMTP and IMAP won't work as well. Is this a server...
  6. interne3

    Review my Website, please.

    Can you review my website and tell me anything I can do to make it better, please? Thanks! I really appreciate it!
  7. interne3

    Hosting Account Space Upgrade

    Hello. I am running on 60% of my 512 MB. I have added some extra stuff such as a HelpWiki, a Technology Information Wiki, a lightweight chat room, and forums and etc. I am not sure if my account is 7 days old yet since I know of no way to see the registered date. I checked the brief summary of...
  8. interne3

    Can I host software downloads from my site?

    I am hosting a tech site: with lots of tech related stuff on there. Let's say, for example, I wanted to host a software directory with LINKS, not directly files, but links to sites where they could download the file and I am planning to do all this with Wordpress. Would this be...
  9. interne3

    [Account Suspended] Remove Domain

    Hi. My domain ( is still attached to my account and needs to be removed. The reason for this is because when I release it, the file is still inside the httpd.conf file and it will cause some trouble for people who get it. I beg x10Hosting to please release the domain. Thank you
  10. interne3

    Account Suspended

    How long does it normally take to process a Suspension Appeal?
  11. interne3

    Continued from "Site Clarification"

    Continued from: Anyway, @leafypiggy I agree. BitDefender said Malware Site because I accidentally hosted badware without realizing it, but removed it immediately after I realized. However, BitDefender knew about it before. I...
  12. interne3

    Site Clarification

    Hello. I would like my 2 sites checked for ToS compliance so I can make sure, that so far, I am perfect along the ToS. Particularly the bottom of the Main Homepage on both. First Website Second Website Thanks so much!
  13. interne3

    Change Main Domain

    Hello. I would like to change the main domain ( of my account. If you can, I would like to change it from to | Thanks so much!
  14. interne3

    Terms of Service Clarification

    Hi. I wanna start this part of my site, but I wanna make sure it clarifies with the Terms Of Service and AUP. I wanna use an addon domain to start a Harry Potter Community (Clear that I am a very big Harry Potter fan) using Vanilla as a CMS Platform as I do with the main site. We will do book...
  15. interne3

    Spam Deleted

    There has been a report for my site hosted on x10Hosting to have phishing on it. We have no intention of having phishing, so we deleted it. Unfortunately, SURBL, a database we have been blacklisted in for that accidental incident has emailed when I sent a removal. The link I...
  16. interne3

    Space is misleading

    Why is the space misleading in my CP? I clearly did not use that little amount of space. I used a whole lot more. I will have some pictures down below explaining what I mean. I snapped them with Snipping Tool from Windows 7.
  17. interne3

    cPanel WebDAV

    Hello. I have Windows 7, and for cPanel WebDAV (WebDisk), I manually tried to connect using but it doesn't work and it tells me that it cannot connect. I looked on cPanel and WHM's website, and I saw an employee say there: "Windows 7 support for WebDisk has been...
  18. interne3

    Unauthorized Account Login

    Hi. I logged into my CP and see this Last IP: My IP is Is it an unauthorized login or Staff Login?
  19. interne3

    Zend Optimizer

    Hi. I am installing Vision Helpdesk ( and it gives me a error that it was coded using Zend Guard and that I need to install Zend Optimizer in the web server. What do I do?
  20. interne3

    May I have two accounts on x10Hosting (With Two Different Emails)

    May I have two accounts on x10Hosting (With Two Different Emails)? Cause I want to start another website about only Technology.