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    Hint | What is happening when MySQL drops connection

    There is a storm of errors "MySQL drops connection" among the users recently. The reason is absolutely definitely: negative server response on an attempt to open the same DB table several times simultaneously. This may have been an old issue that just recently has become actual, or it could be...
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    Boru | html output issue

    Please look at your logs and check the issue with nginx. The web site has random response as follows: The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. It happens up to 50% of the time. The same behavior for...
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    Apache system time is different from MYSQL system time

    Boru. Apache system time is different from MYSQL system time. My logs show about 20:46:43 time difference. Please check. NTP client in place?
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    archived/backuped account files?

    Is here a chance to get a zip with files backed up at any date between September and December 2009? (account: hearts)
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    boru | mysql & apache time difference

    there is a 2h43m+ time difference between mysql and apache local clocks. could you please level it up and deploy NTP and the same time zones?
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    boru MySQL issues

    Tt seems boru has serious access issues with SQL. Here are observations: + 100% of write requests don't show up in DB (seen through phpMyAdmin) + occasionally the data is transmitted OK but do not appear in the tables + read requests randomly pass (approximately 1 out of 5) + most often...
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    MySQLAdmin - all proposed solutions didn't work

    SITUATION: Wrong username/password. Access denied. TAKEN ACTIONS: 1. database created anew, user created anew, privileges assigned. 2. int.fris... and perspective IP added to the allowed hosts list. RESULT: 1. scripts can access the data base 2. MySQLAdmin access is lacking
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    Can't login to Cpanel

    The login interface indicates wrong password. The password works for ftp. ATTEMPTED FIX 1 Have tried both and ATTEMPTED FIX 2 Changing password for a new one doesn't work either. The same reason: current password...
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    MQ? Is messaging queue available or attainable?

    Is messaging service like ZeroMQ or any one else possible on free accounts?
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    MySQL system time and Apache time are different

    There is a problem with apps counting on time as a parameter. The system time in MySQL differs from Apache's one. #1 The difference is close to an hour (it could be expected for a time shift zone or summer/winter time shift not followed by one of the subsystems) #2 Since the difference isn't...