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  1. Stanz

    MySQL problem..

    hi, is there something wrong with MySQL? because i cant access php-nuke files. i mean, i can access htm files.. but not phpnuke software..
  2. Stanz

    Ftp problem.

    hi, i was uploading files for phpnuke and i get this error for each file 'Temporary completion problem reply.' so i cant upload anything.
  3. Stanz

    Arcade system?

    i like to suggest a Arcade system. besides posting, people can have fun with playing Arcade games.
  4. Stanz

    [PHP] Server Uptime

    Simple script... just place the uptime.php to the where you want.. and run it.. you may also rename the file uptime.php to xxx.php this script checks the current server uptime, how long it has been online. this is usefull for some sites.. :biggrin: ps: you can change the words (f u...
  5. Stanz

    [cPanel] Auto MySQL backup

    Download the script, attached below. Open the .php file in the attached .zip file & edit it. Upload the script to your site (create a new directory) for example CHMOD the new directory (folder) to 777. Go to your CPanel and click on Cron Jobs. Then click on...