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    phpmyadmin upgrade?

    This is down to x10's administrators.
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    552 Disk full - please upload later

    Hi kumvjuec, Please look at this link: for information on increasing your disk space.
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    appeal not answered

    Be patient, the team will answer you in due course.
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    Hi all

    I'm glad you like the services here. Welcome! :)
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    Hi all!

    Welcome to X10 Hosting! :)
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    I always tend to use Chrome, just for the sheer speed of it. It's by far the quickest browser. Although Firefox is more user-friendly, more customizable, more functional etc... I tend to switch between the two, depending on what I'm doing on the internet.
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    New Free Domain

    Awesome, I actually like this. I use .tk mainly now that has gone. :)
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    Images not showing on a page

    Have you looked at the file permissions (CHMOD)?
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    Free VPS Trial

    A Trial VPS would be great! It would allow users to get a feel for what x10's VPS's are capable of, whilst showing the end users just how reliable and good the service is. Many people (Including myself) always prefer a trial version of a product before committing to buy. For the amount of effort...
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    Welcome to x10hosting! :)
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    Welcome to x10Hosting! :)
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    My new blog

    Welcome to x10!
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    Welcome to x10! :)
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    Can't Access My Site!

    Are the cPanels still working, or is it Starka entirely that has gone down?
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    I can't access my control panel after successfully logging in.Help!!!!!

    Is there an error message when you try to access the cPanel?
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    Can anyone host a Hacked MW2 Lobby for me? PS3

    I think this should be closed.
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    I personally think it'll be a big hit this time around.
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    unsuspen my host account

    This is a Zero Tolerance suspension and it is permanent, you now no longer have the right to access anything on your account.
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    Your cPanel isn't loading in your browser, is that the problem?