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  1. akkudreamz

    Request : Restoring account files

    Hi Please restore the files under my account. forum username : akkudreamz cpanel username : akhil123 Thanks and regards
  2. akkudreamz

    Happy Brother's & Sister's day

    Happy Brother's & Sister's day to all of you. I have a younger brother and i never realised the importance of having one untill he left for a far city for his engineering. Now i miss him and realise how he has been a buddy to me. Here's something i created to wish him on this day. (was...
  3. akkudreamz

    Checkout my new project

    Please checkout the new project iam working upon its an ebook shop using Clickbank as payment gateway currently in pre-alpha stage, built using Joomla and lots of customised coding... i am not the designer so no credits/comments for that come to me :-P
  4. akkudreamz

    My new Wallpaper site

    Hi all, Please review my wallpaper site its using a wallpaper script the owner bought..but i am gonna make it in joomla soon... the wallpapers are being uploaded as i post this...and will have about 100,000 of them in 2 days keep checking out for high-def...
  5. akkudreamz

    This or That

    Rules: A person posts 2 choices, and the next person needs to pick a choice, and then add their own 2 choice question. Example: Simple :) Let's start: Coke OR Pepsi
  6. akkudreamz

    Possible bug/ Temporary hiccup?

    Hi I just observed in my account panel that the disk allotment fields are showing error plus there's a warning below check the attachment for details P.S. Please delete if already discussed
  7. akkudreamz

    Anybody cares for a Demonoid acc.??

    I have 5 Demonoid invite codes i wana share... In case someone needs it i'll send it to thru PM or post it here...... Couldnt find any suitable section so i am posting here...
  8. akkudreamz

    The right age to get married?

    Well I finished by graduation last year (yaayyy!!! :P) and ever since then all my friends seem to be in a hurry to get married. Somebody's getting engaged or married and someone just came back from honeymoon.... I don't know about other countries but in India the youth appear to be going...
  9. akkudreamz

    Hi all this is akkudreamz

    Hello this is akkudreamz (Akhil) from India, I am new to Please share ur experience with me. Looking forward to a great time here. Regards, Akhil
  10. akkudreamz

    Need a wordpress autooster plugin

    Can anybody help me get an autoposter script with installation screenshots??