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  1. Pixaro

    X10Hosting Gamer Tag Listing

    Username: Pixaro Real Name: Jhon Age: 19 Location: EU Xbox Live: Dont hawe PSN: Dont hawe Steam: jomps XFire: Forgot Games: Far Cry, COD All games, Dirt series, NFS Series
  2. Pixaro

    Can your hardware run that game?

    I know that but none games not run on my old school pc!
  3. Pixaro

    Games with a good storyline

    Fear 3 almost!
  4. Pixaro

    DynamicSignatures beta

    Intresting! But nice!
  5. Pixaro

    Review School & Chat

    Nice but theme is just simple!
  6. Pixaro

    Review: Fsx Biohazard Airlines

    Litle question? What is down of Live support is there must me that white line?
  7. Pixaro

    Redesign of SEO image gallery

    I like its very simple and design is also good!
  8. Pixaro

    WordPress installation tutorial (with pictures)

    Its very simple to instal wp!
  9. Pixaro

    Tips for promoting your website.

    Some tips is realy useful! Tnx!
  10. Pixaro

    Free Wordpress themes by Themesjunction

    Very cool´s themes, Thank you!
  11. Pixaro

    Count to 1 Million

    2409 annoying moskiitos flayng oround me!
  12. Pixaro

    Google+ vs Facebook

    Facebook clearly, dont want try google greated account everywhere, it`s annoying!
  13. Pixaro

    Count to 1 Million

    2405 stars bright in the sky!
  14. Pixaro

    How fast is your Internet?

    For internet surfing its OK!
  15. Pixaro

    My Favourite Game

    War games and shooting FPS
  16. Pixaro

    My Website Design

    Its very nice desigin! Great work!
  17. Pixaro

    Excellent hosting

    I like to x10, but there is always room for development rate!
  18. Pixaro

    WOW - Hard Installation

    What more files and biger pack than game is like this better!
  19. Pixaro

    How to make your site faster, smarter, and safer!

    Are that cloudflare not exsist on cPanel!