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  1. hazar90

    Need Help TO Show Pageniation

    Here is your link for video tutorial on you tube it will help you.
  2. hazar90

    Flash Tutorial

    A free and quick flash video tutorial you can find on you tube
  3. hazar90

    Need an Artistic Wordpress Theme

    Try this link mybe you can find something you'll like
  4. hazar90

    Computer(ish) graphics

    It's very nice to share thinks for free. Cool images. ;)
  5. hazar90

    Add Browse button

    I recommend you DON'T DO THAT. Some visitors will be able to abuse that link to CRASH YOUR WEBSITE OR TO UPLOD SOME TOS FORBIDEN SCRIPTS, BOTS ETC.
  6. hazar90

    website developer HELP ME

    Yes that's the only way. :)
  7. hazar90

    your wap and web site logos

    Cool :)
  8. hazar90

    Are You Going To Buy Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I would like to buy it, but i don't have mony for it... :(
  9. hazar90

    Can i publish game mods for steam on my free account

    Can i publish game mods i made my self for steam on my free account. I have made some game mods and i want to publish them for steam users only. Please reply on my post please
  10. hazar90

    How much would you charge for webdesign (not professional)?

    Webdesign... in Serbia and EU profesional work cost 20 euro for 1 single webpage, but you can charge 20 - 50 euro or dolars for whole porfolio website. Cheep and you'll have more bizniss. :-)
  11. hazar90

    New antibot measure, need reviews.

    You're right about that.
  12. hazar90

    Jomla halp

    Thanks for your post to x10hosting forum. You can find some Joomla Tutorial on you tube here is link: and you have many others tutorials thare. Good luck.
  13. hazar90

    my first ad (gimp)

    Wery nice, it's cool website. I sugest you to remove facebook link from your site or be suspeded from please read TOS and you will see by your self.
  14. hazar90

    photoshop designing

    Yes you're right. Thare is much more info and tutorials on youtube how to. Adobe Photoshop cs5 is the best now.
  15. hazar90

    i want a website design

    Try with Adobe Flash. As i can see you are from ex yu or you're not?
  16. hazar90

    how is this for a newbee?

    Nice Work archoggrace83. Just keep going. Get your self a domain name and evrything is perfect.
  17. hazar90

    Is it allowed to post muvies on website?

    No i did't made them. I own them. Thank you anyway.
  18. hazar90

    Is it allowed to post muvies on website?

    Is it allowed to post muvies on my website? I want post some of my muvie collection on website for preview only, NOT TO DOWNLOAD. My hosting membership is free user at I need answer from admins, moderators and senior users in Please it's urgently for me to know.