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  1. gomco

    iPhone Giveaway

    if u love to talk about mobiles then just join and register at my forum at be a active member and a random generated member out of top 100 gets the iPhone plus a special gift for top poster as well more details here
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    new forum on mobiles launched - need tips for improvement

    hello friends, i have started a forum on mobiles all tips on how to make ppl reach to my forums are welcomed my address is interested ppl please join. thnx
  3. gomco

    Win a Free iPhone

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  4. gomco

    where can u use alertpay money?

    hi can anyone tell me where can we use alertpay money? thanks
  5. gomco

    mobile games on my site

    hi fellas i have uploaded mobile games for nokia phones on my site.... check them out at
  6. gomco

    Leave a Comment and get credits

    visit my site read the posts and leave comments pertaining to the post. no spam.. the comment should be meaningful... or i may reject it... each comment is valued at 2 credits.... one person can comment only 10 times and on different posts. thus making it 20 credits per...
  7. gomco

    Official Nokia Contest : Win N78 check site for the latest contest for you. win a N78 contest registration closes july 27 MEMBERS DONT NEED TO REGISTER AND CAN SIMPLY GOTO THE CONTEST SITE new users register here at s60blog =
  8. gomco

    Wanted a dedicated Blog Contributor and advetiser

    i own the blog the blog is about Symbian Mobiles. i am looking for a person who can help do contributions to the blog and at the same time advertise it to the masses. all posts made should be orignal, NO warenz, porn, cheats or cracks, mp3 or movies strictly on voluntary...
  9. gomco

    Account Suspended For High Resource Usage - Please Unsuspend it

    hello, i have been facing a high resource usage for more than a week now. i am usind only wordpress minimal plugins i have switched off all plugins i could.. my cron job is set for 15 minutes.. please unsuspend my account as this is a nightmare for my users and me too. IF I PAY...
  10. gomco

    site and cPanel not opening..!!

    hi... my suspension was lifted thanks a lot but my site not opening nor my cPanel please help...!! Following is from accounts page Account Username: anirudh Primary Domain: cPanel URL: Server Name...
  11. gomco

    Account suspended

    Hey guys... Please help me. My account is suspended. It says multiple id. its me and my brother. We live together and share the same interxet conn. please help.
  12. gomco

    no awstats in Cpanel

    hi fellas, i have made my blog for 2 days but no stats are there in cpnel... is this normal... plz... reply it says no domain to display stats.... thanks... gomco
  13. gomco - Your complete symbian resource - Review It..!!

    Please review my Blog at a great resource for symbian fans have fun blogging do drop in comments Bye...
  14. gomco

    how to make a joomla template?

    hello every1 can some1 guide me on how to make ur own joomla template. i knw html but i cant figure out php and css... is there some easy way to do this or a software that does this thanks!! ciao
  15. gomco

    which is the best CMS?

    hey guys vote on which is the best free CMS.... Drupal Geeklog Joomla 1.5 Joomla Mambo Open Source PHP-Nuke phpWCMS phpWebSite Post-Nuke Siteframe TYPO3 Xoops
  16. gomco

    serverload in RED DOT

    hi guys, in my account information page... my server load is in red and everything else is green dot? why is that? and i am not able to load joomla 1.5
  17. gomco

    how long is a temporary ban...?

    how long does a temporary suspention last?' my friend was suspened for wasting staff time...!! he was new... he expected u wud give him a warning but, insted he ended up with a ban... when will he be allowed to forums again... he is feelin sorry and wants to get back asap... his id is...